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Intertek ASG joins EU partnership for nanotechnology joint research.

Intertek ASG laboratory is the industrial partner in a joint research project with several of Europe's top academic nanotechnology research groups. The partnership has received approval for 2.3 million euros in funding from the EU Sixth Framework Programme, with Intertek ASG allocated 100,000 euros as part of the collaboration. Other partners include the University of Edinburgh (UK) and the Institute for Molecular Sciences in Amsterdam (NL).

The partnership represents not only several leading nanotech research groups, but provides a strong analytical network, useful for technology transfer from academia to industry. The nanoscience research project will begin in April, 2005. Interek ASG operates a laboratory offering nanoscale analytical testing.

The research project will focus on developing functional devices from molecular machinery, and is considered on the frontier of nanotechnology science. The aim of the project is to develop molecular motors which utilise thermal energy to drive machinery. These molecular motors would then be incorporated into functional devices.

Intertek ASG Nanoscience Research Project Focus:

As the industrial partner for this nanotechnology research collaboration, Intertek ASG will conduct analysis of materials, including chemical characterisation, properties investigation and materials testing. Detailed analysis on the functional properties of the molecular systems will be investigated. The required material analysis will be an investigation of the molecular dynamics, both thermodynamic and kinetic properties.

Testing and analysis of functional devices will also be crucial to the eventual standardisation of device analysis, and may be important for future regulatory requirements for commercial, nanotechnology-based products.
The ASG project team will concentrate on the analysis of these devices and assist the other members in high-throughput, fast turnaround analysis.

Analytical Techniques to be used include NMR, FTIR, SEM, TEM, SPM, Raman, electrochemistry, DSC, and other approaches. The research project will allow Intertek ASG the opportunity to develop new analytical techniques benefiting the emerging nanotechnology industry.

The Intertek ASG Measurement and Control group will use their expertise in device fabrication, electrical and materials engineering to design and construct devices to enable analysis, evaluation and demonstration of working nanotechnology projects. The project allows ASG to incorporate analytical experience and new techniques from leading-edge academia into services provided for current and future analysis.

The EU Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) is part of the European Commission.

Source : http://www.intertek-cb.com

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