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London, 30 March/GNN/ --DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY News Release (P/2005/119) issued by theGovernment News Network on 30 March 2005

£20 million funding to harness the commercial potential of micro and
nanotechnology (MNT) was announced today by Lord Sainsbury, Science and
Innovation Minister.

Eight projects across the UK will benefit from nearly £20m, from the DTI's
MNT Capital Facilities Programme, to help build new advanced manufacturing
facilities that will help develop revolutionary new products and services. It
is estimated that the global market for nanotechnology could be worth £1
trillion by 2013.

Emerging nanotechnologies offer a wide range of potential new
applications. This funding will help develop and exploit cutting edge
ideas such as stain resistant clothing, cottons that feel like silk, scratch
resistant and self-cleaning surfaces. They will also help create new medicines
and improve the efficiency of existing drugs.

Lord Sainsbury said:

"Nanotechnology offers enormous potential benefit to the UK economy and
society. It is important that we remain at the forefront of emerging

"The UK has a world-class science base and we are committing record levels
of funding in science and technology.

"This funding will play a vital part in developing a new network of micro
and nanotechnology facilities and help the UK turn cutting edge ideas into
business success."

The projects will help companies develop nanotechnology to create more
effective products and services.

The projects receiving funding are:

* Bangor UK-LMC (Wales University), £1.8m - Will develop novel and improved
methods for creating new products using precision laser processing currently
used in desktop printers, mobile telephones and plasma TV displays.

* MicroBridge (Cardiff University) £2.5m - Will give industry the opportunity
to investigate ways of developing new products like LCDs and medical
diagnostic equipment;

* Bondcentre (Applied Microengineering Ltd AML) £1.5m - Will allow wider
industry access to and capatalise on bonding technology to develop inproved
high quality display screens and LED lights. BegbrokeNano (Oxford University)
£1.7m - Will offer to industry a service that allows accurate measurement
and identification of products at the nanoscale.

* UK-MNT-BNC (Imperial College, UCL and NPL) £4.2m - Will enable industry to
use of state of the art nanotechnology in developing new bio-medical products,
such as diagnostic medical devices and drug delivery systems;

* MNT@Biocity (Nottingham University) £3.5m - Is aimed at the pharmaceutical,
medical devices and engineering sectors, will help companies to develop
better, faster and more effective products;

* SEMEFABMEMS (Semefab Ltd) £3m - Will allow companies to develop the
technology needed for the future generation of sensors. For example sensors for
engine management systems, non-contact ear thermometers, and microwave ovens;

* Nano4ce (Queen Mary College, London) £1.3m - Nano4ce will assist companies
to use nanotechnology in innovative new products aimed at, amongst others,
the fashion, construction and film industries. Applications include stain
resistant clothing and scratch resistant surfaces.

A further £20 million is due to be spent on facilities as a result of the
3rd call of the Capital Facilities Programme that opened in February 2005.

Lord Sainsbury announced a total of £90 million, in July 2003, to be spent
on collaborative research (£50m) and developing a new network of micro
and nanotechnology (MNT) facilities (£40m). The network will help build a
prosperous, world-class nanotechnology sector in the UK. Working closely
with the 12 regional development agencies, the DTI is developing a market
based focus for facilities, people and organisations.


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