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NBMI Research Gaining International Attention


Edmond, OK (January 2005) – “We shook the incus.” This was Dr. Kenneth Dormer’s statement following the successful implantation of magnetic nanoparticles within the middle ear (incus) of a guinea pig that, when subjected to an oscillating magnetic field, displaced the osscicular chain. In other words, Dr. Dormer and his research team created sound and measured, for the first time, a normal sensory function enabled by an implanted magnetic nanoparticles…a scientific breakthrough that could mean a new treatment for millions of people suffering from hearing loss.

This pioneering research on biostable implants by NanoBioMagnetics, Inc.™ (NBMI) in collaboration with the Hough Ear Institute (HEI) and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC), will be published in the May, 2005 edition of BioMaterials, a peer-reviewed international journal.

“Having our research accepted for publication in a journal of this magnitude represents a major milestone on the road to the commercialization of our technology,” says Charles Seeney, president and CEO of NBMI. “When we first presented our research at the NSTIConference in Boston, we knew we had something significant to offer. Since then, we haveexperienced heightened interest in our technology.”

In addition to NBMI’s research being accepted for publication, the company has been notified that the United States Navy has nominated its vectored drug delivery to the inner ear for the Top 50 Nanotechnology Awards.

Working in collaboration with HEI, OUHSC and the Naval Medical Center at San Diego, the NBMI team has used magnetic force to drive magnetically responsive nanoparticles through the round window membrane into the inner ear.

“Utilizing magnetic nanoparticles for delivery of therapeutics opens up a world of
possibilities,” says Seeney. “We are currently investigating using our particles to deliver arange of therapeutic molecules including DNA materials, proteins, oligonucleotides and

NBMI has patents pending on its biostable implant and vectored drug delivery

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