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Acrongenomics Inc. Further Develops
Its Nano-JETA Platform


ATHENS, Greece--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 11, 2005--Acrongenomics Inc. (OTCBB:AGNM) a Research and Development company focused in the field of nanobiotechnology is exploring future prospects by evaluating the technology behind existing implementations of PCR, ELISA and Real Time PCR.

According to our market research, current applications reveal certain limitations, including problems with efficiencies and cost effectiveness. Acrongenomics Inc. endeavors to overcome these limitations by introducing nanotechnology into molecular biology. Nanotechnology is beginning to generate substantial new insights into how biological systems function and is believed to hold potential advances in both the pharmaceuticals and health care industries.

Acrongenomics Inc. believes that its first application, the Neo-EpCAM(TM) Cancer detection kit provides enhanced performance as a result of its ongoing Nano-JETA(TM) platform, which combines nanotechnology with molecular biology and applies in PCR, enzyme reactions - including universal ELISA Detection Systems - and Real Time PCR.

In total, 97 different tissue samples from patients suffering from laryngeal cancer, and 82 different tissue samples from patients suffering from breast cancer were used for standardization, evaluation, validation and characterization of our Neo-EpCAM(TM) cancer detection kit. A characterization and evaluation report for Neo-EpCAM(TM) has been completed in universal PCR and ELISA.

By advancing our know-how in nanotechnology, we managed to apply our Nano-JETA(TM) platform on the detection of more markers and viral targets such as Neo-EpCAM(TM), HER1, HER2, HER3, and HER4, with the incorporation of the appropriate primers. A characterization and evaluation report has been completed in PCR and ELISA.

-- 750 tests were performed in colon and breast cancer samples

-- 750 tests were performed in colon and laryngeal cancer samples

-- 250 tests were also performed in breast and laryngeal cancer samples

In essence, Nano-JETA(TM) Platform shows a potential in eliminating all known limitations of current technologies. These developments led to the reshaping of both Conventional PCR and ELISA, to Nano-JETA(TM) PCR, and Universal Nano-JETA(TM) ELISA respectively without compromising sensitivity, specificity and reliability.

Realizing the potential applications of our Nano-JETA(TM) Platform is of crucial importance in understanding its diversity. There is a large number of possible permutations waiting to be explored, and therefore Acrongenomics has evolved Nano-JETA(TM) Platform in Real-Time PCR application for "markers" such as EpCAM, HER1, HER2, and vEGF by conducting clinical validation trials in 400 samples of breast, colon, lung and ovarian cancer anticipating completion by the end of March 2005. Preliminary indications reveal precision, accuracy, specificity and reproducibility.

By evolving our proprietary technology, we have currently achieved a typical Real-Time PCR in 47 seconds without compromising sensitivity, specificity and reliability.

Nano-JETA(TM) platform as an application for Real Time PCR uses common Real Time PCR equipment revealing qualitative results even from the first cycle reaching maximum performance at the eighth cycle.

In addition, with such achievements and in order to strengthen our position, we have decided to conduct independent validation studies in U.S.

Molecular diagnostic testing is the fastest-growing segment of the in vitro diagnostics industry. The last four years, clinical market for molecular diagnostic products has increased from $1 billion in 2000 to 2,8 billion in 2004 and sales are expected to exceed $5 billion by 2008 (Biotechnology Associates). So profitable is the molecular diagnostics market that pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are highly focused in developing tests that can be used to guide prescribing, and individualize patient treatment.


Acrongenomics Inc.
Investor Relations
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