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Introgen's Nanoparticle Cancer Therapy INGN 401 Demonstrates Promise in the Treatment of Lung Cancer


ORLANDO, Fla., May 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Introgen Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: INGN) today provided an update of its ongoing clinical development of INGN 401, a nanoparticle formulation of the tumor suppressor gene FUS1. New preclinical data highlighting the potential of INGN 401 alone and in combination with Iressa(R) (Gefitinib) in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer were reported. The data were presented today (Abstract #7081) at the 41st Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in Orlando. Introgen researchers and their colleagues at The M. D. Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) and The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center are conducting the studies of INGN 401.

"The preclinical data presented today are very encouraging because they suggest that INGN 401 may have utility as a monotherapy and may also help to improve chemotherapy response rates in patients with lung cancer," said Sunil Chada, Ph.D., associate vice president, Clinical Research at Introgen. "The five-year survival of patients with non-small cell lung cancer is only 15 percent, and these patients have significant unmet medical needs. These preclinical findings support the utility of INGN 401 in the treatment of lung cancer, and support our ongoing Phase 1 clinical trial of INGN 401 in this disease. The data illustrate that our nanoparticle delivery system may provide a novel approach to the systemic delivery of gene-based cancer therapies."

Significant inhibition of tumor growth in animal models of lung cancer was observed following INGN 401 monotherapy treatment compared with untreated animals. In addition, INGN 401 demonstrated synergistic activity with Gefitinib, a novel class of anti-cancer agents that decrease tumor growth by inhibiting growth factor receptors that promote tumor proliferation. While Gefitinib can produce dramatic responses in a small subset of lung cancer patients, most lung cancers are refractory to its effects. In the reported studies, nanoparticle delivery of INGN 401 synergized with Gefitinib in killing lung tumor cells resistant to Gefitinib alone. Furthermore, in Gefitinib-sensitive tumors, INGN 401 delivery significantly enhanced anti- cancer activity.

A Phase 1 clinical trial of INGN 401 in patients with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer is in progress. This study is evaluating intravenous delivery of INGN 401 as monotherapy for patients with advanced lung cancer who have experienced disease progression while on chemotherapy.

About Introgen

Introgen holds a licensing agreement with M. D. Anderson to commercialize products based on licensed technologies, and has the option to license future technologies under sponsored research agreements. The University of Texas Board of Regents own stock in Introgen. These arrangements are managed in accordance with M. D. Anderson's conflict of interest policies.

Introgen is a leading developer of biopharmaceutical products designed to induce therapeutic protein expression using non-integrating gene agents for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Introgen maintains integrated research, development, manufacturing, clinical and regulatory departments and operates a commercial-scale, CGMP manufacturing facility.

Introgen's Website at: http://www.introgen.com .

Introgen Therapeutics, Inc.
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(512) 708 9310 Ext. 322
Email: c.burke@introgen.com

SOURCE Introgen Therapeutics, Inc.

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