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Alltracel Signs Nanotechnology Development Partnership for m•doc™ Based Woundcare Applications


May 10, 2005: Dublin, Ireland & Prague, Czech Republic

Alltracel Pharmaceuticals Plc., ("Alltracel", or "the Company"), (AIM:AP.L), the healthcare technology company focussed on the consumer woundcare, oral care and coronary health markets, today announces the signing of a technology and product development agreement with nanofibre technology specialists ELMARCO s.r.o. (“Elmarco”) of the Czech Republic for the development of a next generation delivery platform for Alltracel's m•doc™ technology.

Elmarco ( www.elmarco.cz/en_profil.php ) is a specialist R&D and manufacturing company specialising in advanced manufacturing for the semi-conductor components industry as well as equipment for industrial production of nanofibrous non-woven materials.

Together with the Textiles Faculty of the Technical University of Liberic, Elmarco have developed a novel, proprietary & patented process for spinning polymers into nano-scale fibres for a range of industrial, chemical, micro-electronic and bio-medical applications.

Over the past few months m•doc™ based nanofibre woundcare prototypes have been developed and are now at an advanced stage of technical evaluation.

Alltracel's CEO Tony Richardson commented

" Alltracel has always been committed to innovation in our markets and we are particularly excited by the prospects for m•doc™ based nanofibrous advanced woundcare delivery systems.
Although at an early stage of development nanofibre technology is showing market transforming potential in a number of our markets and we are delighted to have formalised our partnership with Elmarco and the nanofibre technology team at the Technical University of Liberic.
We are now focussed on jointly reviewing a range of patent protected potential applications for m•doc™ based nanofibre solutions, initially for the advanced woundcare and surgical markets and bringing these innovations to market via our network of existing and new commercial partners.”

Alltracel (AIM: AP.L) ( www.alltracel.com ) Alltracel Pharmaceuticals Plc is a Healthcare Technology Company focussed on the Consumer Woundcare, Oral-Care and Coronary Health markets.

With corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland; Alltracel has a commercial office in London, England; R&D subsidiary in the Czech Republic and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China

Alltracel was founded in 1996 and listed on London's Alternative Investment Market in July 2001.

m•doc™ (Micro Dispersed Oxidized Cellulose; ( www.m-doc.com )) is the end product of Alltracel's patented process and is currently targeting two major markets.

* In the Consumer HealthCare market this process applied to cotton in the form of raw cellulose is proven as an effective and efficient haemostatic (blood-stopping) agent. Here m•doc™ is currently being marketed as the leading stops bleeding ingredient brand within recognized wound care, oral care and relevant first aid brands worldwide.

* In the Coronary Health market, EU based pre-clinical and patient studies have demonstrated the m•doc™ technology platform success in lowering cholesterol and have indicated longer term coronary health benefits. In addition pre-clinical work showed significant indications that the m.doc™ coronary health benefits are additive in nature, to both statins and sterols. Further efficacy, dosage and timing/phasing studies to determine optimum delivery systems, formats and combinations in both the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets are underway. Development discussions with potential partners in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors in both the EU and North America have commenced.

blotters™ is Alltracel's branded blood stopping thin film technology for the consumer first aid and grooming markets. The blotters™ are small, thin, film strips (similar to breath freshener strips) impregnated with m•doc™ - Alltracel's unique blood stopping ingredient and are packed in a convenient pocket-sized plastic dispenser. When placed on minor cuts e.g. shaving nicks m•doc™ is released on contact with the blood, forming a soft gel-like layer over the wound to stop the bleeding fast.

SEAL•ON™ ( www.seal-on.com ) is the world's first first-aid treatment brand featuring stops bleeding m•doc™ as standard. The SEAL-ON™ range features seven different product delivery systems – sprays, nasal plugs, patches, powder, plasters, dressings and blotters™ -- each designed for specific usage occasions and all containing the stops-bleeding m•doc™ ingredient brand. m•doc™, blotters™, SEAL•ON™ are all trademarks of Alltracel Pharmaceuticals PLC.

For Further Information Contact:

Dublin: Denise Cronin
Alltracel: +353 1 235 2162
London: Deborah Scott/Davina Langdale
Financial Dynamics: +44 0207 831 3113
New York: Sean Leous
Financial Dynamics: +1 212 850 5626

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