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454 Life Sciences Presents Detection Breakthrough at XIV International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop

454's ultra-deep sequencing able to detect low levels of drug resistant HIV



BRANFORD, Conn., June 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- 454 Life Sciences, a majority-owned subsidiary of CuraGen Corporation ( NASDAQ:CRGN ) , reported today that scientists from the Company presented a poster detailing a potentially new application for the Company's technology -- ultra-deep sequencing of the HIV virus. The poster, in addition to an oral presentation on Friday, June 10, at the XIV International HIV Drug Resistance Workshop in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, discusses the ability of 454's sequencing platform to rapidly, reproducibly and accurately detect minor HIV variants that contain drug resistance mutations present in HIV-infected patients.

Identifying and understanding HIV drug resistance is necessary to ensure the appropriate use of antiretroviral drugs and to minimize the spread of resistance. In the United States, up to 50% of HIV-infected patients receiving drug therapy are infected with drug resistant virus. Improved detection of minor variants in the HIV virus could ultimately assist researchers in the development of new HIV therapeutics and help physicians tailor drug regimens for HIV-infected patients.

454's technology can identify and accurately quantify sequence variants present in very low levels, comfortably less than 1% of any mutation. In comparison, traditional technologies are unable to detect minor HIV variants that confer drug resistance unless greater than 10-20% of a circulating virus contains a known genetic mutation.

"The ability to detect minor populations of drug resistant HIV strains circulating in patients' blood could greatly facilitate researchers' understanding of HIV drug resistance," commented Michael Kozal, M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine. "454's technology allows us to see emerging variations at a level not currently possible with traditional sequencing technology and could foster a better understanding of response to antiretroviral therapy and lead to improved treatment regimens for patients."

The poster and anticipated oral presentation, entitled "Ultra-Deep Sequencing of HIV from Drug Resistant Patients," detail the use of 454 Life Sciences' nano-based technology to produce 1000-fold more sequencing reads per run than traditional sequencing methods achieving massive over-sampling of the HIV virus and enabling the identification of low-level mutations in different sequence variants. The proof-of-concept study demonstrates 454's ability to perform ultra-deep sequencing potentially allowing for a more sensitive and accurate method to determine HIV genetic variations.

About 454 Life Sciences

454 Life Sciences is commercializing novel instrumentation and services for rapidly and comprehensively conducting high-throughput nucleotide sequencing, with specific application to sequencing of whole genomes and ultra-deep sequencing of target genes.

454's system enables one individual to prepare and sequence an entire genome after performing a single sample preparation, irrespective of the size of the genome being studied. The hallmark of 454's technology is the nanotechnology based approach to sequencing which allows a single instrument to produce over 20 million nucleotide bases per four hour run, totaling more that 100 times the capacity of instruments using the current macro-scale technology. 454's technology is based on integrating proprietary picoliter- technologies (a picoliter is one trillionth of a liter), patented light emitting sequencing chemistries, and state of the art informatics. The patented Genome Sequencing System utilizes this technology and is a scalable, ultra-fast and cost-effective system with applications for whole genome sequencing and ultra-deep sequencing of genes of interest.

454 is marketing its sequencing services, instrument systems and proprietary reagents to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biodefense, and bioindustrial companies as well as to universities and government agencies. In May 2005, 454 entered into an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with Roche for the promotion, sale, and distribution of 454 Life Sciences' nanotechnology-based Genome Sequencing Systems, including proprietary kits and reagents, to all markets with the exception of regulated diagnostics. 454 Life Sciences is a majority owned subsidiary of CuraGen Corporation ( NASDAQ: CRGN ) . Additional information is available at http://www.454.com/ .

454 Life Sciences Contact: Peter Dacey Vice President, Finance info@454.com (877) 890-GNOM

Source: CuraGen; 454 Life Sciences

CONTACT: Peter Dacey, Vice President, Finance of 454 Life Sciences,
info@454.com , +1-877-890-GNOM

Web site: http://www.454.com/

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