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50-80% of Americans Can Declare Their Independence From Cold Sores

New Cold Sore Ointment First in World to Combine Silver and Oxygen in a Single Molecule, Claims 98% Success


HARMONY, R.I., July 7, 2005 -- A Rhode Island-based company, Aidance Skincare, has developed an ointment that combines the proven anti-viral power of silver and oxygen in a single molecule. The active ingredient in Tetrasil(R) ointment, tetrasilver tetroxide (abbreviated as TST), is backed by six patents. Sufferers of cold sores report that Tetrasil begins to shrink their unsightly outbreaks in one day - a claim that has been validated by independent clinical research.
Tetrasil is sold via http://www.tetrasil.com and select retailers nationwide.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 50 to 80% of Americans have HSV-1, the virus that causes cold sores. Over 90% of adults have antibodies to HSV-1 by their late 20s.

Silver and oxygen have been well documented as two of the earth's strongest natural anti-virals (killer of viruses).

The TST in Tetrasil ointment has a natural attraction to the outer membrane of the herpes virus, as determined through in-vitro testing. An important additional ingredient in Tetrasil includes jojoba oil, which has been used for centuries to prevent infection and heal damaged skin. Jojoba oil is absorbed by the skin faster than any other oil because its fatty acid profile closely resembles that of humans. As a result, the jojoba facilitates rapid delivery of the TST molecules to the viral membrane.

One customer's testimonial best summarizes the benefits of
Tetrasil: "I would always get a cold sore if I was too stressed or ate too much of an acidic food. But, since using Tetrasil I haven't had any breakouts, as long as I use it when I feel a tingle on my lip. It is a blessing not having to worry about getting one of those ugly cold sores on my mouth." - Renee B., Haverhill, MA

Tetrasil ointment is sold over the counter as a natural remedy in 14-gram tubes. Typical retail is $24. For additional information, visit http://www.tetrasil.com or call toll-free 1-877-4AIDANCE (877-424-3262).


David Goldsmith


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