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Cyclics Corporation to Introduce New Products at World's Largest Plastics Show

SCHENECTADY, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 4, 2004--Cyclics Corporation will be introducing a variety of grades of CBT(R) resin at the K Show in Dusseldorf, Germany this October (Hall 5, booth 5G19-3). CBT resins offer an unmatched combination of processing ease and high performance in demanding applications. This new product achieves its unique processing by melting to a water-like viscosity before it polymerizes and solidifies to a high strength engineering thermoplastic. The boundless versatility of CBT resin enables it to be processed by nearly all types of plastics processing and offers designers and molders new opportunities in:

-- Nanocomposites - CBT resins easily wet-out or exfoliate nano-scale particles to produce lightweight materials with greatly improved stiffness, use temperature, dimensional stability and decreased permeability.

-- Rotational molding - CBT resins are compatible with existing processing equipment and produce parts that have significant improvements in stiffness, strength, hardness, use temperature, fuel barrier properties, creep resistance and surface finish.

-- Low pressure molding and casting - CBT resins can be low pressure injection molded for delicate over-molding applications or poured, even with high filler loadings, to make high performance cast parts.

-- Compounding - CBT resins are solids at room temperature and can be processed using conventional equipment to produce highly filled compounds for improved electrical and thermal conductivity or to create a variety of copolymers and elastomers.

-- Composites - The low viscosity of CBT resins allows the maximum use of structural fibers to produce lightweight structural composites that can be thermoformed and recycled without hazardous VOC emissions.
-- Powder coating - Powdered CBT resins melt to produce extremely thin ductile thermoplastic coatings.

The K Show, with over 220,000 visitors, is the largest plastics show in the world and is held every three years. The K show brings together representatives from all aspects of the plastics industry including processing machinery, plastics additives and resin suppliers.

Cyclics will also update attendees as to the status of their plant under construction in Schwarzheide, Germany. The plant is co-located on the BASF Schwarzheide GmbH site and is expected to be completed by the end of 2004 with an annual capacity of 2500 tonnes (5 million pounds) with a planned capacity stretch to 5000 tonnes (10 million pounds) to be implemented in 2005.

"The K Show is a great opportunity for us to introduce our products to the international plastics industry," said John Ciovacco, Head of Global Marketing for Cyclics. "The timing couldn't be better with the K Show being held just before our first commercial plant is on stream."

Cyclics Corporation, headquartered in Schenectady, New York, and its wholly owned subsidiary, Cyclics Europe GmbH based in Schwarzheide, Germany, manufacture innovative plastics based on technology developed and patented by GE. CBT resins offer breakthroughs in processing, making new products possible and changing the economics of existing ones. Cyclics has alliances with Dow Automotive (automotive applications) and Alcan (infrastructure) with additional alliances to be announced at the K Show. Contacts

Cyclics Corporation
Tim Ullman, 518-881-1411
K Show
Eva Rugenstein, +49 211 4560-240
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