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Evident Technologies Introduces EviComposites™ Quantum Dots in Polymers to Improve and Accelerate Lab-to-Market Product Development

TROY, N.Y., March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Evident Technologies (http://www.evidenttech.com/) today introduced a comprehensive product line of EviComposites(TM) - quantum dots integrated into a series of common resins and polymer matrix materials widely used in many commercial manufacturing processes and products. Evident engineered its proprietary EviDot(TM) quantum dots into a series of new easy-to-use forms designed to speed the development of new materials and new products by making quantum dot nanomaterials more applicable to common manufacturing processes.

"Quantum dots can be fragile and hard to functionalize but the focus of our business has always been on stabilizing them so they become more highly functional and easy to use," said Clint Ballinger, CEO of Evident Technologies. "Putting our proprietary quantum dots into a range of common plastic materials accomplishes this on a broad scale, bridges a critical gap in the field, and can expand and accelerate the use of quantum dots in creating new products."

EviComposites have wide applicability for applications ranging from paints, inks, molded parts, films, fibers, solar cells, optical standards or numerous other areas. The EviComposite resins are available in Ultraviolet (UV) curable clear resins, as well as Thermal and UV Sol-gels. The EviComposite particles and powders are available in polycarbonates, polystyrene, Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) and polyethylene. The EviComposites are available in colors ranging from blue to into reds, with a selected set of polymers in the near infrared.

"A critical problem with any emerging technology is driving trial usage, which in turn drives application development and market growth," said Sean Murdock, Executive Director of the NanoBusiness Alliance. "To the extent that EviComposites are able to retain the nanoscale phenomena of quantum dots in a 'conventional' material toolkit, it will accelerate the adoption of the technology by reducing the learning curve and transaction cost of trial usage."

EviComposites are available immediately, in quantities from 1 gram to kilograms.

About Evident Technologies

Evident Technologies (http://www.evidenttech.com/) is a pioneer in the development of advanced nanomaterials engineered to enable the creation of advanced products for numerous markets including life sciences, solid state lighting, energy, security, telecommunications and emergent nanotechnology markets. Evident works with customers worldwide to fashion these advanced materials into new products and is also a leading commercial source for a wide range of quantum dot material systems that offer advantages over traditional semiconductors. For more information, visit http://www.evidenttech.com/.

Source: Evident Technologies

CONTACT: Steven Talbot, CMO of Evident Technologies, +1-518-273-6266,

Web site: http://www.evidenttech.com/


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