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LifeWave’s New “Energy Enhancer Patch”

(PRWEB) January 12, 2005 -- The Energy Enhancer Patch communicates with your body’s own electro-magnetic field. The patches contain no medicines, herbs, magnets, or batteries. They signal the body to produce energy from fat cells. This is approximately 2.5 times the energy than is produced by carbohydrates. The patches, used in the Olympic Trials and the Olympics, generated much curiosity. Several of Stanford University’s Olympic Swim Team were tested for substances in the body, and in the patches, during the Olympic Trials. The United States Anti-Doping Agency found no “positive” results, further proving that nothing goes into the body. In addition, nothing in the patches was on the prohibited list. Tests at four major universities prove that new nanotechnology science can give you improved energy and stamina to help do the things you want to do. Double-Blind placebo studies prove that most users see gains in energy and stamina the first day. All materials in the Energy Enhancement patches are listed by the FDA under 21 CFR and manufactured at FDA registered facilities.

The LifeWave Energy Enhancer Patch is not a stimulant. Therefore, you will not feel a buzz, or rush, as you would with caffeine or ephedra. What most people experience is a very constant and stable level of energy and enhanced performance.

For more information on this Patent Pending invention, call 800-291-7989, or visit us on the web at www.NanoPatchNews.com.


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