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Radiation Shield Technologies, Creators of Demron(R), Patented Nuclear Radiation Blocking Fabric, Has Been Granted Additional Patent Protection

MIAMI, Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Radiation Shield Technologies (RST)(R) announced today the acquisition of two additional United States Patents, #6,841,791 and #6,828,578. In September 2002, RST(R) introduced Demron(R).

Since that time, Demron(R) has been incorporated into a number of garments such as full-body nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) suits, tactical anti-nuclear vests, high-energy nuclear suppression blankets, and most recently, medical x-ray vests and aprons.

Demron(R) is revolutionary material because it is lead-free, toxin-free, and PVC-free nuclear blocking material. It also has the unique ability to allow for heat dissipation and resist chemical permeation. Additionally, Demron(R) is crack resistant. Its ability to block radiation has been confirmed by a number of prominent universities and government labs
Demron(R) is an advanced radiopaque nano-polymeric compound that is fused between layers of fabric and manufactured into a number of lightweight nuclear blocking garments. RST(R)'s ISO 9000 partners, Kappler(R) and Point Blank(R), manufacture these garments. Demron(R) was originally developed over 10 years ago, by surgeon Ronald F. DeMeo, M.D., M.B.A. Demron(R) received its first patent (#6,281,515) in 2001
and its second (#6,459,091) in 2002
According to Dr. DeMeo, "These two additional patents are significant because the additional 193 patent claims allow RST(R) to fully capture all of Demron(R)'s market potential."
RST(R) is a private corporation that is entering its second round of financing. For more information, contact RST(R) at info@radshield.com , 866-7-DEMRON, or visit http://www.radshield.com .
SOURCE Radiation Shield Technologies, Inc.
Web Site: http://www.radshield.com


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