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BatMax Starts Production and Sales of the World's First Battery Life Extender for Mobile Phones.

(PRWEB) January 22, 2005 -- Specifically created for modern mobile phones with color display, camera, internet access, Bluetooth, games and enhanced multimedia functionalities, which require high energy, BatMax answers the battery life demands of the actual handsets and future 3G mobile phones market with high-speed data rate and video communication.

Old and new rechargeable batteries can benefit from BatMax and the product is compatible with all mobile phones.

BatMax is based on the IonXR, a new exclusively developed nanoceramic material, resulting from years of laboratory research. BatMax foil slows down the loss of capacity of Ni-CD, Ni-MH, Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries and thus provides improved battery performance.
• Extends the battery life from 30% up to 2X and offers more talk time and stand-by-time.
• Accelerates the charging time up to 40%.
• Rejuvenates the current batteries and restores performances.
• Prolongs the total battery life span with up to 30% longer lifetime (battery cycles).
• Eliminates the battery "memory” effect.
• Protects the battery from electrical variations of cigarette-lighter adaptors by regulating and filtering the current.
• Saves money by delaying the need for purchasing new batteries.

BatMax is a small (1.14 x 1.92 in) rectangular sticker which is installed in seconds by the user on the mobile phone battery. Users just need to turn-off the mobile, remove the battery and attach BatMax to the battery or the cellphone. After re-assembling and turning on the mobile phone, BatMax starts its effect on the battery and users will notice a battery life improvement after 5 to 10 charging cycles.

BatMax is packaged with an English-Spanish-French language installation manual. BatMax suggested price is: $12.95.

About BatMax Corporation
Founded in 2004 in USA, BatMax Corporation was formed to identify, develop, manufacture and market innovative high quality wireless communications and computer products. BatMax main innovation and focus is the research and development of technologies for intelligent mobile energy products, accessible to the largest number of users. By improving energy products and reducing electrical needs for more than a billion cellular phone subscribers and millions of computers and electronic devices users, BatMax will naturally contribute to the prevention of the energy demands and the protection of the environment. BatMax IonXR technology is always improving and new products for different applications are coming soon.

For additional information, please contact:
Alain Aisenberg / Tel: (305) 865-1400 Email: e-mail protected from spam bots
Or browse our web site: www.batmax.com ;
Samples are available on request.


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