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NanoOpto Introduces New Nano-optic Bandpass Filter Designed for High Volume, High Performance Digital Imaging Applications

SubWave" IR Cut-off Filter Allows for Improved Picture Quality in Digital Camera Module Designs

Somerset, New Jersey. January 31, 2005. NanoOpto Corporation, who is applying novel design methods and proprietary nano-fabrication technology to produce a broad range of unique optical components that enable higher quality, low-cost optical components and systems, today announced general availability of its SubWave Infrared Cut-off Filter (IRCF). Designed for high performance, high volume digital imaging applications, including compact digital camera modules, NanoOptos SubWave IRCF increases the crispness and color saturation of digital images.

Target applications for the SubWave IRCF include digital camera modules for cell phones, general consumer electronics digital imaging applications, and security cameras. The SubWave IRCF enables improved picture quality when used in manufacturing as a drop-in replacement for current IRCF technologies in existing digital camera modules. Optical circuit designers also can use it as the basis for new, more compact camera module architectures.

The SubWave IRCF implements NanoOptos proprietary nano-optic design principles to produce a device with high transmission of visible wavelengths, a sharp cut-off at the boundary with the rejection region, high rejection of infrared wavelengths, and a very low edge shift. In combination, these performance attributes enable improved digital image quality. Currently available as a standard device is the SubWave IRCF ES22, with a 22nm edge shift for a change in incidence angle from 0° to 30°, >93% average transmission from 420nm to 625nm, a cut-off dropping from >90% transmission to <5% in less than 30nm centered around a half power point of 650nm ± 10nm, and <2% average transmission in the infrared from 675nm to 1000nm. The SubWave IRCF is available diced to customer specific sizes, and as 100mm x 100mm sheets.

The SubWave IRCF ES22 device, targeted to the rapidly growing digital camera module market, is an exciting first entry in NanoOptos optical filter product family, said Hubert Kostal, NanoOptos Vice President for Marketing and Sales. More generally, NanoOptos design techniques and manufacturing processes can be applied to meet customer application-specific requirements for high quality filters for arbitrary wavelength ranges and for a broad range of substrates.

Requests for additional information and samples can be directed to Sales@NanoOpto.com.




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