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Do-Coop Technologies Announces Breakthrough New Product that Enhances Ligation Without Separate DNA Purification Step; Introduces Neowater - Ligation Enhancer to its Expanding Product Line


OR-YEHUDA, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 9, 2005--Do-Coop Technologies Ltd., a privately held corporation based in Israel, announced today the commercial availability of its newest product, Neowater(TM) - Ligation Enhancer, based on its proprietary Neowater(TM) technology.

Do-Coop Technologies manufactures a stable system of largely hydrated nano-particles (Neowater(TM)) for the Life Sciences. Among the recently introduced products we highlight Neowater(TM) - PCR Enhancer and Neowater(TM) - Transfection Enhancer. Do-Coop's family of products, all based on Do-Coop's proprietary Neowater(TM) technology, dramatically enhances existing reagents, applications and processes to help segments of the Life Sciences industry to achieve the results they expect and need. Today.

About Neowater(TM)

Neowater(TM)-based products consist of a stable system of largely hydrated nano-particles that lead to several important benefits for research, diagnostics and bio-pharma applications. The hydrated nano-particles, like non-ionic detergent derived micelles, reduce the entropy of aqueous solutions and mimic intracellular water. In addition, by design, they exhibit hydrophobic properties.

The non-ionic Neowater(TM) works by coating components at their molecular level, thus exposing, increasing and/or enhancing those specific surfaces which are required for a specific reaction but are normally not available to interact (e.g. GC-rich DNA). Therefore, very small volumes of Neowater(TM), and reduced component's concentrations or amounts, are needed for a reaction when using Neowater(TM). Neowater(TM) allows for (low-volume) miniaturization of Life Sciences products, applications and processes.

Neowater(TM)-based products significantly accelerate and improve the efficiency of biological reactions.

New Product Introduction: Neowater(TM) - Ligation Enhancer

Neowater(TM) - Ligation Enhancer has been especially formulated to enhance DNA-ligation processes in an incremental, non-disruptive yet highly effective way. Neowater(TM)- Ligation Enhancer can dramatically improve DNA-ligation, making ligation faster, easier and with better yields.

In addition, Neowater(TM) - Ligation Enhancer allows for the reduction of buffer concentration (and hence the reduction of the system's noise) therefore it allows the user to proceed to DNA-ligation if desired straightforwardly from the PCR step, skipping the traditional, but now no longer necessary step of PCR-purification (cleaning) following the PCR amplification step.

"Using Neowater(TM) - Ligation Enhancer users can now skip altogether the DNA Purification (cleaning) step following PCR amplification, prior to ligation.

"Neowater(TM) - Ligation Enhancer allows for a significant reduction in the reaction total volume, while in parallel it results in a dramatic increase in efficiency, yield, and a great reduction in overall ligation process time. In addition to all of these benefits, it also helps users lower their total reaction costs.

"We are in the process of introducing a complete product line that dramatically enhances upstream research and diagnostic processes. Our future plans include the introduction of novel downstream products such as protein expression and purification enhancers, all of which are based on Neowater(TM) technology," said Eran Gabbai, founder and CTO of Do-Coop Technologies, and the inventor of Neowater(TM).

Do-Coop Technologies has recently announced a free samples program to allow end-users to try the new product and verify the company's claims by using the provided sample and protocol within their own ligation processes.


Do-Coop Technologies
Eran Gabbai, +972-3-533-3804



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