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Simple-Pedic Repels Spills Reducing Stains


PRLEAP.COM) DENVER, CO, Mar. 18 – Simple-Pedic™, Best Made Mattress Company’s luxury and custom brand, announced today that all its Simple-Pedic mattresses will use the revolutionary fabric protection NANO-PEL™ to repel spills.

High-tech NANO-PEL fabric protection is now available on mattress fabric made by Burlington House Mattress Fabrics, a unit of Burlington Industries. This revolutionary fabric protection system allows fabrics to repel liquids and resist stains without sacrificing breath ability, appearance, comfort and durability.

Unlike previous stain protection processes that add chemical coatings and treatments to
fabrics, NANO-PEL manipulates fibers at the molecular level. Tiny “nano-whiskers” attach to the individual fibers of the fabric. These microscopic whiskers act as fingers, lifting liquids and keeping them from penetrating into the fabrics.

Mattresses constructed with NANO-PEL fabric protection will retain their like new
appearance much longer and survive the hazards of daily use unscathed.

"Our customers expect our luxury and custom mattresses to last a lifetime. Mattress survival requires using the best of the best materials and workmanship. Because Burlington House® uses NANO-PEL to repel spills, our mattress and foundation covers can stay white longer," states Tom Wacker, manager of Best Made Mattress Company.

"It’s all part of the customer experience," adds Wacker.

Best Made Mattress Company, Colorado’s oldest independent mattress manufacturer, has been designing and building mattresses since 1969. The Best Made Mattress Company factory and showroom is located at 5970 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80216, and also sells direct to the consumer through its web site located at http://www.simplepedic.com. For more information, please call toll-free at 877-200-4717.

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