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Emergency Filtration Products Progress Report


HENDERSON, Nev.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 14, 2005--Emergency Filtration Products Inc. (EFP) (OTCBB: EMFP) today issued the following progress report:

Military Initiatives

In September 2004, the company announced that it had been awarded a Prototype Development/Testing/Evaluation Grant by the Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology to develop a testing protocol for filter media on behalf of the U.S. military. EFP commenced testing its licensed nano-enhanced filter media last year in conjunction with Edgewood Chemical Biological Center.

The original study funded by the grant comprised four protocols -- tests to evaluate the company's filter media efficacy against four different contaminants -- testing for which has now been completed. As a result of the successful completion of this testing, the company was requested by the U.S. military to test its filter media against a number of additional contaminants. This final phase of testing is expected to be completed in May 2005.

Immediately following the completion of the final phase of testing, and assuming the successful outcome of testing, the company expects to enter into partnership discussions with a number of DOD-approved filter manufacturers to develop product applications for the company's nano-enhanced filter media technology.

The U.S. military has previously identified over 1,000 potential applications for EFP's filter media technology. The company intends to work closely with the U.S. military and DOD-approved manufacturers selected by the U.S. military, to develop those applications that the U.S. military deems to have the highest priority in its strategic plans. The company expects to have its filter media in use by the U.S. military in late 2005, pending the successful outcome of final testing.

Itochu Techno Chemical

EFP has been working closely with Itochu Techno Chemical Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Itochu Corp. (see below), with whom it has a long-term distribution agreement, to market its Vapor Isolation Valve, Series One Breathing Circuit Filter and RespAide products into the Japanese market.

The company has already shipped a number of sample orders, and has modified its products -- at the request of Itochu Techno Chemical -- to conform to Japanese medical product standards. These modifications necessitated minor but time-consuming alterations to existing molds. As a result, this process has caused delays in the commencement of shipping commercial orders to Itochu Techno Chemical and its distribution partner, Senko Medical Instrument Mfg. Co. Ltd. EFP has now completed all of the modifications requested by its Japanese partners, and expects to initiate commercial shipments to Japan in the current fiscal quarter.

Additionally, Itochu Techno Chemical has expressed an interest in distributing the company's NanoMask product in Japan and those Pacific Rim countries that have been affected by the H5N1 virus, better known as the avian flu. EFP has also been continuing to work with Itochu to evaluate the possible distribution of the company's ELVIS product (see below) in Japan and the Pacific Rim.


The recent outbreak of the avian flu in a number of Pacific Rim countries, along with a World Health Organization warning that the H5N1 virus could lead to millions of deaths, has sparked a renewed interest in the company's NanoMask, a nano-enhanced 2H Filter environmental mask. Recently, the company has entered into a non-exclusive distribution agreement with 2H Distributors (http://www.2hdistributors.com/) and has introduced the NanoMask to a number of large U.S. corporations in the food and courier services industries who are interested in the NanoMask for internal risk management purposes. In addition, the company is currently negotiating with a potential distributor in the Middle East, as well as initiating discussions with several U.S. governmental agencies.

ELVIS (Emergency Life-Support Ventilation and Intubation System)

EFP has begun production of the molds necessary to produce ELVIS. EFP's ELVIS is a best-of-breed emergency resuscitation system with essential integrated features, including a patented medication/suction port, a self-contained nebulizer and a nano-enhanced 2H Technology(TM) air filtration system that reduces exposure to infectious agents. ELVIS will be marketed to the U.S. military, hospitals, police and fire departments and emergency response teams nationwide.

ELVIS has been endorsed by Catholic Healthcare West (see below) and the City of Los Angeles Police Department. The company intends to apply for fast-track FDA approval. Based on current indications of interest for this product, the company is planning for an initial production run of 10,000 units. The preliminary suggested retail selling price for the product is $24.95.

About Itochu Corp.

Itochu Corp. (http://www.itochu.co.jp), one of the world's largest trading companies with 2003 revenues in excess of $85 billion, ranked 11th in the world by revenues, according to Forbes magazine. Itochu is a globally integrated corporation with offices in over 80 countries and operations that cover a broad spectrum of industries.

About Catholic Healthcare West

Catholic Healthcare West (CHW), headquartered in San Francisco, is a system of 40 hospitals and medical centers in California, Arizona and Nevada. Founded in 1986, CHW is the eighth largest hospital system in the nation and the largest not-for-profit hospital provider in California. (http://www.chwhealth.org/)

About Emergency Filtration Products Inc.

EFP (www.emergencyfiltration.com) is an air filtration products manufacturer whose technology provides filtration efficiencies of "greater than 99.99% at a particle size of 0.027 microns." Its initial products were developed for the medical market: the Vapor Isolation Valve(TM); RespAide -- a CPR mask used for resuscitation of respiratory/cardiac arrest cases; an A.E.D. prep kit; and the 2H Breathing Circuit Filter. Each has received FDA approval. EFP's 2H NanoMask with 27 nanometers filtration capability relies on the company's core 2H Technology(TM) filtration system, which utilizes a combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic filters able to capture and isolate bacterial and viral microorganisms with efficiencies of 99.99%. The environmental mask utilizes the company's patented 2H Technology(TM) and nano-technology to enhance the capture-and-isolation characteristics of the filter media. In addition to filtration products, the company also supplies Superstat, a modified hemostatic collagen, to the medical market and U.S. military for extreme wound care.


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