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Novapure Appointed as Canadian Master Distributor of Green Millennium Photocatalytic Coatings - New Nanotechnology Created to Address Airborne and Surface Contaminants



Your house can't clean itself yet, but certain parts of your house can clean themselves and clean the air, too! Nanotechnology is beginning to yield commercial products which directly improve people's lives. One of the new "nano products" is photocatalytic coatings which comprise nanocrystals that result in self-cleaning activity when exposed to light.

(PRWEB) April 26, 2005 -- Green Millennium Inc., based in Los Angeles, California, has appointed Novapure Systems Inc., of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Master Distributor for the Green Millennium line of new photocatalytic coatings for the Canadian market. Photocatalytic coating solutions are a direct result of nanotechnology research and are very effective for self-cleaning and hygienic applications. States George Tseng, of Green Millennium, “Our coatings can be applied on most surfaces and will impart self-cleaning properties to any surface. Additionally, the surface coating will purify the air by oxidizing airborne fumes and odors. This product is truly an early benefit of nanotechnology and one of the first commercial products derived from nanotechnology research”

“The coatings, known as “photocatalytic coatings” are usually applied like a spray paint, are not toxic and are very cost-effective. The photocatalytic coating solutions have been used for years in Japan, where they were originally developed to combat air pollution, infectious microbes and soiling of exterior surfaces. When applied, the treated surface oxidizes contaminants in the presence of light. The result is a self-cleaning surface which will degrade any organic substances such as grease, oil, soot or microbes. The result is that the surface remains clean and attractive, instead of becoming soiled or faded”, adds Tseng.

The coating is used in Japanese hospitals to combat disease transmission (e.g., MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, C. diff.) and reduce sickness in day care facilities and schools, as well as offices and homes. Many people with respiratory illnesses (e.g., asthma, allergies) can benefit. As well, building exteriors, signage and awnings are treated to retain their beauty and eliminate costly cleaning. A side benefit is that sun damage (e.g., discoloration) is lessened. Treated surfaces will not discolor or age as quickly as untreated surfaces. This will add years to the life of awnings, signage and paint and save millions of dollars in replacement costs.

The products are also used for odor control. On treated surfaces the nanoparticles in the coating continuously degrade odors and fumes (volatile organic compounds) in the presence of light. The removal of chemical odors makes for a more pleasant environment due to improved indoor air quality, and it can also provide relief for people with chemical sensitivities.

“We are proud to be working with the leading supplier of photocatalytic coatings”, says John Pink, President of Novapure. “The Green Millennium product is a superior solution. Once people fully appreciate the benefits of these coatings, there will be innumerable uses for the technology. It really is exciting to be involved with technology that is not only effective, but one that is safe and doesn't harm the environment.” To address the expected demand, the product will be marketed through trained distributors and applicators. The photocatalytic coatings industry, already a multi-billion dollar market in Japan and the Far East, is only in its infancy in North America.

For additional information, contact Mr. John Pink at (403) 531-2091 or e-mail protected from spam bots

About Novapure
Novapure is dedicated to developing solutions for the improvement of Indoor Air Quality. We offer a line of germicidal ultraviolet light (UVGI) air purification devices including Novabreeze indoor air quality control products for homes and commercial environments, Powerair portable air disinfector and photocatalytic self-cleaning coatings.

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