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Nanogel® Aerogel from Cabot Corporation
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Nanogel® translucent aerogel insulation material was selected by Chemist Dr. Wiesman for a recently completed extension to his Pharmacy in Neuhausen, Switzerland

Nanogel® translucent aerogel insulation material was selected by Chemist Dr. Wiesman for the roofing system of a recently completed extension to his pharmacy in Neuhausen, Switzerland.

The application, which measures 13 x 7 metres, consists of an aluminium profile dryglazing system, using 25 mm Scobatherm® panels filled with Nanogel translucent aerogel. The system provides a G-value of 32% and a U-value of .85, with a light transmission of 40%. Key benefits include diffused natural light with no shadows, energy savings and greater comfort regardless
of the season.

"I run quite a large practice and my pharmacy needs to provide a calming and unstressed atmosphere for my patients, said Dr. Wiesman. The Scobatherm/ Nanogel filled panels provide this diffused, shadow-free light transmission. As a passionate performer, I regularly use this room for TV broadcasting and the panels provide the right backdrop."

The lightweight Scobatherm panels are available in larger continuous glazing surfaces than glass. They are well-suited for roofing and facing applications on public, residential and commercial buildings, for indoor swimming pools, sports and industrial halls as well as stairwells, transparent ceilings, balustrades, and light diffusing walls in areas that require privacy. With their versatile format, color tints and size, the Nanogel-filled panels can also meet the design requirements of speciality building projects.

Richard J. Steger, General Manager of Scobalit AG explains: "Scobatherm products are a blend of polyester or epoxy resins with glass fibres. These panels are available in formats up to 8,500 by 2,500 mm. Their twin-wall structure offers high stability at low weight -- one 50 mm thick and one square-meter large unit filled with high-performance Nanogel material weighs only 12.5 kg."

Nanogel aerogel is a revolutionary and exciting new translucent insulation material that can keep the warmth in (or out) when used within glazing systems. Feather-light and translucent, Nanogel particles were developed by Cabot using its patented surface modification and fine particle manufacturing technology.

Nanogel aerogels are made up of tiny particles containing networks of small pores that prevent the flow of air to allow high thermal insulation values and amazing light transmission. These factors help improve the internal environment by offering better heat insulation, sound insulation and light diffusion than other existing insulation materials currently on the market. These benefits can also allow new design solutions for architects where maximum natural daylight levels and energy efficiency are required.

Aerogels were originally developed for the space industry, and have just recently become commercially available. Nanogel aerogels consist of 97% air and weighs only 90g per litre. Nanogel is also moisture resistant so it will not allow the growth of mold and mildew.

Nanogel aerogels are manufactured exclusively by Cabot in its manufacturing facility in Frankfurt, Germany.

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