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Nanotechnology Product for Car Windshields
Now Available in the USA



(PRWEB) May 12, 2005 -- Nanotec Pty Ltd based in Sydney, Australia announced today that the first innovative partner company is offering Nanoprotect ® Automotive Glass in the USA.

Windshield Welding Systems in Woodbridge, VA USA is offering the nanotechnology treatment for the automotive glass. The specialist in glass and clear plastic repair and restoration field is introducing the Nanotec treatments to the automotive industries, marine, emergency services and aviation in the U.S. They are also looking to include architectural glass protection for the building industry.

Nanoprotect ® Automotive Glass is a special nanotechnology product with a long-term effect on glass surfaces. The treatment, only about as thick as 20 nm (An atom of silver is about 1/4 nm diameter) repels water and dirt and provides a very easy to clean surface. Most conventional silicon based coatings have a film thickness between 10 and 500 micron. Nanoprotect ® Automotive Glass is between 500 and 25,000 times thinner than these coatings.

The ultra thin treatment is abrasion resistant, extremely long lasting and UV stable. On a windshield the lifetime is up to 50,000 kilometres (over 30,000 miles) and on car windows, not pointing in the driving direction the product provides its hydrophobic properties for 5 years and more.

About Nanotec Pty Ltd:
Nanotec Pty Ltd is an Australia based company specialized in Nanotechnology solutions for “every day” applications. Fore more Info please check out www.Nanotec.com.au

About Windshield Welding Systems:
Windshield Welding System is a professional applicator for Nanotec's Glass treatments. Windshield Welding Systems is associated with SEMA, SCCA race car Sponsorship for the Cowle's Ford Mustang and the Mobile Tech News Expo. The company is a specialist in all aspects of glass and windshield repairs and coating technologies. Contact John W. Moore e-mail protected from spam bots or phone 703-494-6700.


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