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Industrial Nanotech Launches Nansulate Translucent Product Line


NAPLES, Fla., May 23, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Industrial Nanotech Inc., (Other OTC: INTK.PK - News ), an emerging nanotechnology-based solutions provider, announces the introduction of the Nansulate(tm) Translucent product line consisting of the Nansulate GP and Nansulate PT. Nansulate(tm) Translucent is an industrial grade coating which provides both insulation and anti-corrosion protection and is designed for higher performance applications commonly seen in industries such as the maritime, petroleum refinery and shipbuilding industries among others.

Industrial Nanotech participates in nanotechnology research and development with the world's leading scientists and laboratories in an effort to create patented technologies and products. The Company began product sales in April of 2004 and is now releasing a second generation of products possessing greatly enhanced performance characteristics.

Nansulate(tm) Translucent can be easily applied with an airless sprayer at low pressure, a roller, or a paint brush and can be painted over with a water-based paint. Additionally, the coatings do not lose their insulation value due to moisture, mold and dust. The translucent color of the coatings provides for visual inspection of the substrate which is critical for equipment inspections required in many industries, particularly the oil and gas pipeline industry. To view a video clip demonstrating how Nansulate Translucent works, please visit Industrial Nanotech's ``Products'' Page, http://www.industrial-nanotech.com/nansulate.htm .

Laurie Scherock, President of Industrial Nanotech, commented, ``We are very excited to introduce our Nansulate(tm) Translucent line to the marketplace. Nansulate provides a unique and effective solution to the serious problem of 'Corrosion Under Insulation,' a multi-million dollar industry problem. These coatings demonstrate the power that nanomaterials have in improving performance characteristics and are being marketed for high performance industrial use.''

About Industrial Nanotech Inc.

Industrial Nanotech Inc. produces and sells high performance coatings primarily designed for the heavy industry, manufacturing and shipping markets. The Company conducts nanoscience-related research in advanced materials and industrial applications at facilities in New Mexico, Colorado, and New Jersey. Products are available directly from the company or through a rapidly growing worldwide network of exclusive distributors.

For corporate and product information, please visit http://www.industrial-nanotech.com


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