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Sporting Goods First to Benefit from MEMS and Nanotechnology According to EmTech Research, a division of Small Times Media


ANN ARBOR, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 23, 2005--The sporting goods market is a fantastic win-win for suppliers of MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems) devices and nanomaterials reports EmTech Research, a division of Small Times Media ( http://www.emtechresearch.com ). The ability of MEMS sensors and nanomaterials to provide improved product performance and functionality that meet the needs of a competitive industry, at a price sports equipment manufacturers are willing to pay, is key.

"The impact of MEMS and nanotechnology on sporting goods as a whole is far greater than sports' impact to the bottom line of the companies supplying these sensors and materials," says Marlene Bourne, Vice President of Research and Principal Analyst with EmTech Research. "But it's an ideal way for a startup and its technology to gain visibility in the broader marketplace."

A report from EmTech Research also finds that:

  • From Redington's Nano-Titanium fly fishing rods to Suunto's sensor-packed, wrist-top computers for hikers and snowboarders, nearly every sporting goods category has been touched.
  • Focusing on consumer applications is not without its hazards; both MEMS and nanomaterials suppliers need to understand the needs of the end user.
  • Revenues of MEMS sensors and nanomaterials for use within sporting goods are forecast to increase to just under $100 million by 2009.

The just released report, Bigger, Faster, Stronger: MEMS and Nanotechnology Pump Up Sports, provides an in-depth look at how MEMS and nanotechnology are changing the world of sports.

To purchase this report, or for more information, contact Nancy Crosby at 734-528-6252 or nancycrosby@smalltimes.com . The 19-page report is priced at $1995 U.S. For more information, visit www.emtechresearch.com/reports.html .

About EmTech Research

The most highly regarded provider of business intelligence about small tech, EmTech Research (a division of Small Times Media), provides timely and accurate market reports about emerging technologies, including nanotechnology, MEMS and microtechnology. EmTech Research also offers custom research, and analysis for economic development groups wishing to increase their level of micro and nanotechnology activity. ( www.emtechresearch.com )

EmTech Research is a division of Small Times Media, the leading source of business information and analysis on micro and nanotechnology ( www.smalltimesmedia.com ).
Contact: Small Times Media Kelli Felker, 734-528-6263 Email: kellifelker@smalltimes.com or EmTech Research Marlene Bourne, 480-513-6307 Email: marlenebourne@smalltimes.com


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