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Successful Cooperation: New Transparent Interlayer for Fire-Resistant Glass Made from Degussa's AEROSIL ® Fumed Silica Sets New Standards - for More Than Just Their Flame Resistance


INTERFLAM EW 120/13-2 offers amongst the radiation control the additional function of thermal insulation for the Class EI 20 in accordance with EN 13501.

September 19, 2005 --- Who says that large and small do not fit together and that companies of opposing sizes will get in each others way? Certainly nobody who knows about the cooperation between Degussa AG, Dusseldorf, Germany, the world's largest producer of specialty chemicals, and the Swiss company, Interver Special Glass LTD! Dr. Thomas Hennig, who is responsible for marketing special oxides at Degussa, emphasises to the successful large-small cooperation. "Completely novel fire-resistant glazings based on nanotechnology," he says, "confirm the success of our corporate link-up." Hennig, who holds a PhD in Chemistry, says that the new glasses are lighter, have better optical properties and provide longer fire-resistance times. It is no wonder that the chemical specialists have learned something from their cooperation with the glass experts from Interver, Switzerland. Interver's fire protection and safety glasses, which are best known under the trade names INTERFLAM ® and INTERFIRE ® , have already set high standards.

For the newest generation of these glasses, Degussa manufactures a dispersion based on the fumed silica AEROSIL ® OX 50. The dispersion is applied between two or more panes of glass, depending on the required time and fire-resistance class to be achieved. Through its nanotechnology, where structure and particles measuring millionths of a millimeter mean everything, the glass shows properties which have never been achieved before. The optical properties of the new glasses are a persuasive argument. They feature better clarity and lower haze values, so much that even the fire protection layer remains undetectable by the naked eye. Other advantages are the lack of syneresis, which prevents streak formation and tearing in the functional layer, and improved UV resistance and effective resistance to ageing, which prevent clouding. INTERVER glasses like INTERFLAM ® EW 120 and INTERFIRE ® EI 30, EI 60 and EI 90 in addition offer good acoustic insulation properties while optimizing weight. In their designated field of application, namely fire protection, the transparent do-it-all glasses demonstrate long-lasting performance never previously achieved. A functional layer of INTERFLAM ® 120, only 3 millimeters thick, is capable of withstanding continuous flames of temperatures over 1,000 degrees centigrade (1832°F) for over two hours! At the same time, these glasses form a strong radiation barrier that prevents fire from spreading, a significant contribution to the work of fire fighters and rescue workers. All of these fire protection and safety glasses satisfy the world's strictest test criteria, standards and building regulations. Degussa and Interver - a cooperation with great prospects for success, not least because of "Nanotechnology made by Degussa."

AEROSIL ® fumed silica is produced in a sophisticated continuous combustion process (flame hydrolysis) in which precise adjustment and control of a range of process parameters yields particles of various sizes. The individual product grades are distinguished by their surface area, indicated in square meters per gram. (For the standard grades this ranges from 90 to 380 m 2 /g). In silicone rubber AEROSIL ® serves as a high-quality reinforcing filler. Among many other applications, it also ensures the right consistency of coatings, adhesives and sealants, and enables the production of non-drip paints. In addition, AEROSIL ® is used in the pharmaceutical industry and in cosmetics production. It is the main component in the production of high-performance and high-temperature insulating materials. In addition AEROSIL ® is used as an ultrafine polishing medium in microchips.

Degussa is the global market leader in specialty chemicals. Our innovative products and system solutions make an indispensable contribution to our customers' success, which we sum up by our claim "creating essentials". In fiscal 2004 Degussa's 45,000 employees worldwide generated sales of 11.2 billion euros and operating profits (EBIT) of 965 million euros.


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