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Automotive Nanotech Paint Protection

Auto Paint Protection has been developed using advanced Nanotech and Polyplexin T11 technology. Car owners can apply and never wax again.


(PRWEB) October 5, 2005 -- The Eurochem NanoTech Paint protection System is a unique solution to repel road grime, dirt, salts, bird lyme and atmospheric fallout from your cars paint work.

Toughseal will dramatically improve the visual effects of your paint and protect it at the same time. The Two step cleaning and protection system contains leading edge nanotechnology and Polyplexin T11 resins, which together creates the performance characteristics that have never been achieved before in the automotive paint protection industry. It will maintain the paint finish and protect from UV fading and salt damage, allowing you to never wax again.

Nanotechnology is probably the most exciting development in modern automotive cleaning chemical science. Nanoparticles are miniscule in size and it is by combining these that we can now create products that perform better than we had ever imagined. The difference can be seen with immediate effect.

Washing your car is now easier than ever before, soaps and water quickly form into a sheeting effect on the painted surface, that will disperse using the fresh water from a hose or the natural aerodynamics of the car when in motion, or just allow to dry naturally. This improved formulation is outstanding – and one application lasts for more than 5 years. It can even withstand many car washes.

The Eurochem Paint Protection System Treatment is the ultimate answer to preventing the formulation of dirt and grime on external paint work. The easy to use two step formulation is a cleaning and protection system all in one…specially created for modern paint types. Also currently being currently promoted in the aviation and marine industries.

In addition to this exciting product Eurochem have started work on a nanotech hydrophobic car shampoos that work so well they will also prevent grime build up . We are currently testing these products in the road haulage and coaching industries. All details can be found at http://www.eurochem.co.uk


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