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Us Military to use the same glass safety technology as local glass company


(openPR) Phoenix Arizona-December 2005-Diamon-Fusion patented hydrophobic nanotechnology has been tested and approved by US Military (Us Army) contractor,PAS Armored, Inc. While this coating has been used on the US Army military vehicles It has improved safety under the wide range of adverse weathering conditions that these vehicles are known to drive through."Sand pitting and erosion under desert-like weather conditions have a harsh impact on the visibility of military vehicles and Diamon-Fusion significantly improves visibility as tested by the US Army."The same weather conditions are similar to some parts of Arizona.

A DFI Treated windshield will be able to prevent Sand pitting, erosion and will be able to deflect small impacts that typically would dent or crack an untreated windshield,due to it's impact resistance properties as tested by William La Course. It has been proven by independent studies that a hydrophobic coating such as Diamon Fusion applied on the automobiles windshield will improve the visibility during rainy conditions over 30%, giving an additional second of reaction time which results in an extra 58 feet in distance traveling at 40 mph. Visit http://www.desertbreezeglass.com for photos.

Here are some windshield safety tips and some help prevent windshield cracks.
1. Report any large amounts of rocks or debris on the road, any trucks dropping debris,or trucks without the proper mud flaps to your local authority.
2. Don't tail gate. If possible stay back 3 to 4 car lengths back.
3. If you get a chip in your windshield put a clear patch over it to keep the area clean until you get it fixed.
also roll your side window down 1/8 inch to let the pressure out during hot weather until you get the chip repaired. If the windshield is cracked. Replace it
4. Check and replace your wipers regularly.

In the past year Cathryn Scheeler owner of Desert Breeze Glass has had Diamon-Fusion applied on over 500 vehicles which resulted in little or no damage to the windshields. Some of the publicity resulted in a newspaper article in the Arizona Republic dated May 12, 2005 .It was at that time Desert Breeze Glass invited a reporter from the newspaper to a demonstration of a windshield being shot at with a BB gun from 40 feet away. The results showed no damage to the treated side of the windshield. Desert Breeze Glass was also seen Live on 3 TV to show the safety of Diamon-Fusion hydrophobic coating.

DFI Nanotechnolology has multi-functional characteristics such as:
Water and oil repellency-Impact and scratch resistance-protection against graffiti,dirt,stains,and fingerprints-
UV stability,protection against calcium and sodium deposits-Increased brilliance and clearer visibility.

Contact Steven Scheeler for more insights into this topic. Direct line: (480) 752-8191 Email: steven@desertbreezeglass.com Other helpful information regarding this topic can be found at: http://www.desertbreezeglass.com .


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