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Cold Feet Now a Thing of the Past Thanks to Nanotechnology


With Toasty Feet ™ insole liners, a person can stand on a block of dry ice with a temperature of -106°F and the temperature on the other side of the Toasty Feet™ liner will be a comfortable 72°F. The insulating power is provided by Aspen Aerogels using patented nanotechnology.

Northborough, Mass. — December 20, 2005 — Forget heavy socks this winter, ToastyFeet™ insole liners have just been introduced by Polar Wrap.

“Most people don't realize it, but beyond heavy socks, there is no real underfoot insulation for cold feet,” said Bruce McCormick, president of Polar Wrap, the company that created the insole liners using patented nanotechnology from Aspen Aerogels.

In fact, ToastyFeet™ just might protect you from cold symptoms.

As reported by Reuters on November 14th, British researchers claimed that exposing bare feet to cold water for 20 minutes increases a person's chance of getting cold symptoms. The researchers said that cold feet causes a constriction to blood vessels in the nose which can aid the cold virus, according to Reuters.

“It's clear that to keep from getting a cold, you need to keep your feet warm,” said McCormick. “In the winter, it often feels like you're standing on ice. That's because the soles of your shoes or boots are where your feet need to be protected from the cold the most.”

But why isn't your footwear keeping out all of the cold?

”Because most insulation requires loft — like the loft in a cotton ball or fiberglass house insulation,” said Marc Lebel, vice president of Aspen Aerogels, “but when you step on it, it gets compressed and loses its loft and therefore its insulating power.”

But Aspen Aerogels' insulation doesn't require loft. Its structure contains nanometer-sized pockets of air that can maintain thermal protection and shape even when you step on it. In partnership with NASA, this same flexible aerogel technology is being developed for next generation space suits.

“We are delighted to put an end to cold feet with this new, space-age technology,” said McCormick. Recently the company tested its product by having people step on a block of dry ice with only the Toasty Feet™ insole as a barrier. “No one felt any cold,” reported McCormick.

Toasty Feet™ is available now at Wal Mart and Kroger stores across the country.

About Polar Wrap LLC
Polar Wrap LLC is the technology leader in cold weather comfort. Its other products include the Heat Exchange Mask that traps warmth from exhaling breaths in order to warm cold air as it is inhaled.
About Aspen Aerogels, Inc.
Aspen Aerogels supplies nanotechnology-enabled aerogels with insulating properties that outperform traditional materials by 2 to 8 times. Unlike other aerogel material providers, Aspen provides the thermal and acoustic performance of aerogels in a ready-to-use blanket impregnated with the silica nanostructures. This blanket format makes it easy for Aspen customers to conserve energy and save money in oil and gas recovery, LNG shipping and storage, apparel, military, aerospace and energy industries. In addition, Aspen is actively developing applications in the building/construction, automotive and fuel cell markets.

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