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NanoDynamics to Introduce Next Generation Golf Ball Technology at PGA Merchandise Show
Patent Gives Biophan Market Dominance in MRI Safety
Advance Nanotech Portfolio Company Successfully Completes Testing On Its First Nanofabricated Chemical And Explosive Sensor
Quantiscript licenses QSR-5TM for nano-scale lithography applications
Quantiscript introduces standard test template for nano-imprint lithography
Physics Prof Develops System to Monitor Cement Curing
Nanogel® Aerogel from Cabot Corporation wins 100% Detail RIBA Innovation Award
Monitoring Life, One Breath at a Time
Revolution™ 50 To Be Unveiled At 2004 Fuel Cell Seminar Exhibition In San Antonio, TX 
ImaRx's Clot Dissolving Technology Being Presented at the AHA Conference
Cyclics Announces First Commercial CBT Resin Products
$2.6 trillion in products will incorporate emerging nanotechnology in 10 years 
NanoInk Releases New Product: Nano-R Upgrade to NSCRIPTOR™ System
Simmons' Newest Mattress Innovation Promotes Better Health by Enabling Consumers to Clean Their Bed
Imagine Shoes that Are Forever Odor-Free!
GEMZ Corp. To Exclusively Market Nanotech-Based Safety Houselight Product
Malbex 2004 Introduces Protective Glass Coating
Let the light shine through
Mobile electronic devices learn to smell
Capsulution NanoScience AG Fast and Economical Production of Surface-modified Nano- and Microstructures
Nano-Proprietary, Inc. Working with Israel's Ben Gurion University to Offer Highly Dispersed CNT Suspensions
QinetiQ announces TesimaTM branding for its bulk nanomaterials products and production process.
Isonics Corporation's Hand-Held Explosive Detection Product Passes Business and Technical Review
Making gadgets lighter, smaller and more energy efficient
Lumera Develops Unprecedented Electro-Optic Polymer
Easton Sports, Inc. Teams With Zyvex Corporation to Apply Carbon Nanotube Technology to Bicycle Products
Gemz Corp. Expects its International Nanotechnology Corp. Subsidiary to Demonstrate First Product in Fourth Quarter 2004
Henkel Group Develops Innovative Cleaning Solvents Using Nanotechnology
Nano-Proprietary, Inc. Completes 14-Inch Color Proof of Concept
U.S. Military Develops Unique Proccess Utilizing Nanotechnolgy Now Available Through Diamon-Fusion USA West.
Hydrogen Solar Ltd more than doubles performance of its Tandem Cell
Nanophase Receives European Patent
TOR Minerals Develops New Nanoparticle Pigments
Nanotechnology helps to save water in Australia
Nanotechnology-Based Solid Lubricant NanoLub Shows Promising Performance for Space Applications
Nano-composite resin opens new applications and opportunities for SLA system owners
Car Owners Can Now Use Nanotechnology to Improve Cabin Air Quality
Esquel Group Introduces 'anywear' Brand
Sono-Tek Introduces Its WideTrack Glass Coating System
Tegal Awarded Two Key Patents for Nano Layer Deposition; Unique Thin Film Deposition Technology Surpasses Atomic Layer Deposition in Flexibility and Throughput
More Products
BioTrove, Inc. Licenses Genomics Application from Stanford University for Nanotiter Plates
MWG Biotech and Innovadyne Technologies Inc. to Offer Automated Protein Crystallisation Platform
New materials with improved characteristics
Evident Technologies in Commercial Production Of Proprietary Biotin Activated Quantum Dots
Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc. Announces the Issue of a Key Production Process Patent
Vitusa Products Acquires Distribution Rights for NanoFilterCX Cigarette Filter Material
AuGRID Moves Forward With Nanomaterial Patent Implementation
Applied NanoWorks Announces Pinnacle Nano-Oxides, high performance CMP abrasives
AuGRID's Director of R&D Unveils New Technology at Nanotubes & Nanofibres Convention
CopyTele Enters Into Arrangement For Nanotube Based Displays
New Software From Accelrys and Boston University Aids Understanding of Protein-Protein Interactions
Ultratech Introduces the LSA100 Laser Spike Anneal System
GEMZ Corp. to Develop Solar-Powered Laptop Solution Using Nanofilms
NEXX Systems Ships Stratus 100 Electro-Deposition System to IMEC for Passive Components
New Line of Protective Office Furniture
Nano-Power!™ Sequence Launches Nanometer RTL-to-Gate Power Analysis Tool
Nanosphere Announces Genetic Detection Advance in Nature Biotechnology
Do-Coop Technologies Announces Water-Based Buffer for Enzyme Stabilization and Storage and Immobilizing Agent for Proteins and Oligonucleutides to Solid Phase Matrices  
Dana Corporation Launches Revolutionary Microwave Atmospheric Plasma Technology
Cascade Engineering Revitalizes Brand, Establishes New Commitment to 'Shaping Ideas in Plastics'
NanoInk releases new product: Bias Control Option for NSCRIPTOR™ nanolithography system.
Innovative ‘self healing’ bandage to help diabetics
Donaldson Company Leads Industry in Applying Patented Nanotechnology to Filtration Applications
Cabot Corp. and Westcrowns Announce New Pilkington Profilit ™ Translucent Structural Glazing System With Nanogel ®
Nanostellar Advanced Nano Technology Enables Nano Catalysts To Address Platinum Group Metal Catalyst Markets of $10-12 Billion/Year 
Enabling Clean Energy and Clean Air with Nano Catalysts
Nano Paints on Display at the 2004 National Hardware Show
Health Sciences Group to Acquire Exclusive Rights for Patented Nanotechnology Product; Proprietary Nutraceutical Product Expected to Boost Sales
NanoInk releases product upgrade for NSCRIPTOR™ DPNWriter™ System: Passive probe arrays and Inkwells
US Nanocomposites Demand to Approach 11 Billion Pounds by 2020
Nanogen Issued Patent for Electronic Devices for Active Biological Operations
NanoMaterial Leader Zyvex Introduces Carbon Nanotube-Based Additives for Polyurethanes
Allasso and US Global Nanospace Form Strategic Alliance to Define Future of Nanofiber Production
VA’s newest manufacturer has microscopic product line
Caltech Professor Michael Roukes, Caltech, and Arrowhead Research Agree to Form Nanokinetics
Lucent Technologies Awarded Two Contracts Valued at $26 Million By United States' Department of Defense
ComGenex gibt die erfolgreiche Integration der ersten durchgehenden "Flow Bench" Top-Hydrogenierungs-Reaktoreinheit bekannt
Silicon Valley 101: Website provides tools to teach high-technology entrepreneurship
Russian company to launch native nanoproduct: «RVS» repair and restoration composition.
Taiwanese TV Shopping Channel ET Mall to Sell Emergency Filtration Products' NanoMask via Television, Internet Broadcast & Catalog in Taiwanese and Chinese Markets
Applied NanoWorks announces PinnacleAF Zinc Oxide in 2-6nm high concentration water-colloid
Industrial NanoTech, Inc. Releases Nansulate(TM) Insulation
Nanosys Chooses ISE TCAD Software for Nanotechnology Modeling
BioSante Pharmaceuticals Announces Notice of Allowance For CAP Nanotechnology Patent by European Patent Office








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