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Jain PharmaBiotech Releases a New Report on Cardiovascular Drug Delivery

BASEL, Switzerland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 27, 2005--Jain PharmaBiotech has announced the publication of a New Report "Cardiovascular Drug Delivery - Technologies, Markets & Companies".

Drug delivery to the cardiovascular system is approached at three levels: (1) routes of drug delivery; (2) formulations; and (3) applications to various diseases. Cell and gene therapies, including antisense and RNA interference, are described in detail as they are the most innovative methods of delivery of therapeutics. Various methods of improving systemic administration of drugs for targeted action in cardiovascular disorders are described including use of nanotechnology. A full chapter is devoted to drug-eluting stents used for treatment of restenosis following stenting of coronary arteries.

Cardiovascular drug delivery markets are estimated for the years 2005 to 2015 on the basis of epidemiology and total markets for cardiovascular therapeutics. The estimates take into consideration the anticipated advances and availability of various technologies, particularly drug delivery devices in the future. Markets for drug-eluting stents are calculated separately. Selected 52 companies that either develop technologies for drug delivery to the cardiovascular system or products using drug delivery are profiled and collaborations between companies are tabulated. Further details about the report can be viewed at the following web site:


This reports joins a series of drug delivery reports by Jain PharmaBiotech including transdermal drug delivery, drug delivery in cancer and drug delivery for CNS disorders.

About Jain PharmaBiotech

Jain PharmaBiotech is a research and documentation company that provides consulting services for biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Forty-four reports have been prepared at the Company during the past 10 years, many of which were printed and marketed by other publishers. Sixteen of these reports are now published by Jain PharmaBiotech in house and regularly updated - a unique feature not available in competing reports. Each report contains numerous tables, figures and references to the literature. The detailed table of contents and summary of each report is posted on the web site. The customer gets up-to-date information at the time of purchase and has the option to by subsequent editions at discounted prices. More reports in this style are in preparation.

Contact: Prof. K. K. Jain MD, FFPM CEO, Jain PharmaBiotech Blaesiring 7 CH-4057 Basel, Switzerland Tel/Fax: +4161 692 44 61 Mobile: +41(0)79-685 6337 Email: jain@pharmabiotech.ch Web: http://pharmabiotech.ch/
Source: Jain PharmaBiotech


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