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New Study worldwide about
Nanotechnology in Food and Food Processing
2004 to 2015.
The Industry and Consumer.

Helmut Kaiser Consultancy
has recently finished a study aboutworldwide developments in Nanotechnology and Nano-Bio-Cogno-

Info the converging markets in the Food Industries
with the titel “Nanofood “

Tomorrow we will design food by shaping molecules and atoms. Nanoscale biotech and nano-bio-info will have big impacts on the food and food-processing industries. The future belongs to new products, new processes with the goal to customize and personalize the products. Improving the safety and quality of food will be the first step. More than 180 applications are in different developing stages and a few of them are on the market already. The nanofood market is expected to surge from 2.6 bn. US dollars today to 7.0 bn. US dollars in 2006 and to 20.4 bn. US dollars in 2010. More than 200 Companies around the world are today active in research and development. USA is the leader followed by Japan and China.

By 2010 Asian with more than 50 percent of the worldpopulation will be the biggest market for Nanofood with the leading of China.

On the one side, further breakthroughs in crop DNA decoding and analysing enable the industries to predict, control and improve the agricultural production. On the other side, with technology of manipulating the molecules and the atoms of food, the future food industry has a powerful method to design food with much more capability and precision, lower costs and sustainability.

Meanwhile, the combination of DNA and nanotechnology research generates the new nutrition delivery system, which brings the active agents more precisely and efficiently to the wanted parts of the human bodies and cells. Functional food will benefit firstly from the new technologies, followed by standard food, nutraceuticals and others.

Some companies are already aware of the impact of nanotechnology in food industry. Research facilities are established, potential applications are under study, whereas only a handful of nano food products are market available now. Nevertheless, the tremendous potential will attract more and more competitors into this still unploughed field. The number of the companies involved in this field increased from 69 in 2002 to 200 in 2004 and to several thousands by 2010.

Who is afraid of Nanotechnology in Food ?

Molecular technologies are disruptive technologies and change the conventional production faster than most scientists expect .. It can make the products cheaper, the production more efficient , more safe and more sustainable using less water and chemicals. Producing less waste and using less energy. The impact for the food industry will be a change of 40 to 60 percent by 2015. The change is
dramatic, the potentials are immense and the risks too.

The main source of increasing the speed for these technologies within the next years are climate change, cost efficiency and population growth. But also new applications using food as drugs and nutrition.

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