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Toronto, Ontario, Canada, (May 1st, 2005.) -- Thomson Research Associates today announcedthe introduction of Ultra-Fresh Silpure , the new generation silver-based antimicrobial treatment for textiles. Ultra-Fresh Silpure enables textile manufacturers to add superior odor and fiber-degradation resistance to their products through the use of a powerful antimicrobial substance metallic silver.

Ultra-Fresh Silpure , the newest development in the Ultra-Fresh® family of products, represents a breakthrough in the use of silver-based antimicrobials for the textile market. Ultra-Fresh Silpure is applied at the finishing stage for more complete protection of the fabric, and has been proven in tests to be consistently effective, with no tendency to cause discoloration.

The superior performance of this new generation silver-based antimicrobial has been achieved by combining application expertise developed over 50 years of Ultra-Fresh treatments with proprietary nanotechnology manufacturing processes for the metallic silver. The ultra-fine particles adhere more effectively to fibers for longer protection.

Ultra-Fresh Silpure has broken the cost barriers which have restricted the use of silver- based antimicrobials in the past.

A natural antimicrobial

Silver containers have been used to keep their contents pure for centuries. Investigations into the ability of metallic silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria began in the late 19th century.

The result was a number of pharmaceutical products intended as dressings for wounds and intreatment of eye infections, many of which are still in use. However, the cost of silver and the technical challenges of reducing the metal to the ultra-fine particles necessary for optimum performance limited its applications.

Ultra-Fresh Silpure promises ease of application for cost-effective use and long-lasting protection for optimal performance. Plant trials have established that antimicrobial performance of Ultra-Fresh Silpure remains strong after 50 or more washes -- a powerful benefit for consumers of sports and leisure wear. In plant trials, using typical application processes on 100% polyester fabrics, bacterial survival was less than 0.1%, even after 50 washes.

"Previous cost barriers to the wider use of silver have been overcome," says Dr. Laval Yau, president of TRA. "Now, silver antimicrobials are no longer confined to niche markets. They can be used effectively and profitably through the broadest range of consumer products."

The Ultra-Fresh brand, introduced by Thomson Research Associates is now used by more than 200 companies in more than 30 countries. Seen on a wide range of products and in magazine, radio and television advertising, the brand and its logo promise the highest standards of antimicrobial protection in clothing, household textiles, and many other applications.

Ultra-Fresh and Silpure are trademarks of Thomson Research Associates Inc.

For further information:
Peggy Sheffield APR
Peggy Sheffield & Associates Inc.
cell: 416-822-8511

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