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Microtec to Introduce Zeta Potential Analyzer with Image Analysis Software onto Global Market

First Unit Delivered to Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU),
School of Physical Science, India

Japan - March 2, 2005 - Microtec Co., Ltd. (Microtec http://nition.com/en/), the Chiba-based pioneering creator and developer of scientific instruments, today announces the international launch of Zeecom(R), the company's zeta potential analyzer, onto the global market. The first unit was delivered to the School of Physical Science, Jawaharlal Nehru University (India) in February 2005.

With the increasing demand for solutions to measure zeta potential from a wide variety of fields, ranging from inks through electronics and waterworks to physical chemistry, and both locally in Japan and overseas, Microtec is now introducing Zeecom to potential users around the world and expanding the market with its competitive price, as well as its trademark feature of inherent reliability due to its structural integrity, which is based on its traditional measurement method.

Zeecom, which integrates the electrophoresis measurement method with a microscope and image analysis software, has long been a best-seller in its product lineup in Japan, and has been adopted by a number of major Japanese University laboratories, research institutes, and large corporations over the past decade. Now, for the first time, Zeecom has been upgraded for use in the English Windows environment for its launch onto the global market.

Professor Himadri B. Bohidar of the School of Physical Science, Jawaharlal Nehru University in India states, "With its unique ability to display particle migration on a PC/TV monitor during each measurement, the user is assured that the data obtained from the measurement is of those specific particles that he/she has identified on the monitor on a real-time basis; it's no longer just a statistic from a'black box'. What's more, this function allows the user to monitor the state of the particles during each measurement, whether dispersed or aggregated, giving a far more comprehensive appreciation of the data obtained."

With its competitive pricing, and its ability to display particle movements on the screen, Microtec expects Zeecom's potential to be utilized in a wide range of applications in the basic fields of scientific research, as well as in educational sectors to aid the teaching of students around the globe.

Zeecom uses the attached microscope to capture the particle image, which is then digitalized by Microtec's proprietary image analysis software. This Windows-based software can record the tracks of the particle movements to compute the zeta potential values, and show the distribution of the values as a histogram.

About Microtec Co., Ltd.

Established in 1989 from the Analysis Instrument R&D Section of NITI-ON CO., LTD., Microtec Co., Ltd. has created its own style of incorporating the needs of laboratory researchers, developing instruments to solve such laboratory needs, to become the R&D-oriented scientific instrument manufacturer it is today.
Starting from the development and sales of its "Lumi-counter", a photon-counting instrument, Microtec has introduced onto the market a wide range of products such as its luminometer, zeta potential analyzer, homogenizer, frozen cell crasher, automated colony picker, tissue slicer, and Microtec's proprietary electrochemiluminescence DNA chip reader.

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Microtec Co., Ltd.


Phone: 81-47-466-8186
Fax: 81-47-466-8190
2-16-5, Takidai, Funabashi, Chiba 274-0074, Japan

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