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454 Life Sciences Installs First Genome Sequencing System at the Broad Institute

Technology allows leading researchers to read genomes
up to 100 times faster

BRANFORD, Conn., March 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- 454 Life Sciences, a majority-owned subsidiary of CuraGen Corporation (Nasdaq: CRGN - News), announced today that it has sold and installed its first 454 Genome Sequencing System at the Genome Sequencing and Analysis program of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, a research collaboration of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University and its hospitals and the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. The system, which utilizes novel technology developed by 454 Life Sciences, has the potential to perform sequencing 100 times faster than conventional sequencing machines.

"Genome sequencing technology is entering a new era of development," said Eric Lander, Ph.D., director of the Broad Institute. "The 454 Genome Sequencing System is the first of this next generation and we expect it to enable our researchers to tackle a wide range of applications."

"We are honored to have the first 454 Genome Sequencing System installed at the Broad Institute. The power of our system lies in its use of nanotechnology and microfluidics to allow massively parallel genomic sequencing, creating the potential for a single instrument to replace dozens of conventional sequencing machines," stated Christopher K. McLeod, interim President and CEO of 454 Life Sciences. "We look forward to a productive relationship with the Broad as this new era of genomic sequencing begins, and anticipate that it will shape the future of this technology and applications for its use in genomics research."

Chad Nusbaum, Ph.D., co-director of the Broad Institute Genome Sequencing and Analysis program, added "Our production team is enthusiastic about using the 454 system and we're excited about the potential of this technology to embark upon a variety of projects at the Broad."

The Broad Institute is the first institution in the world to receive the 454 Genome Sequencing System and will be utilizing proprietary system reagents sold by 454 Life Sciences for several ongoing projects. The Broad Institute is a member of 454's Early Access Program, which enables select clients to work with 454's technology and instrumentation at 454's Measurement Service Center, as well as giving them the ability to obtain the first commercially available systems.

454 Life Sciences provides whole genome sequencing solutions including instruments and reagents, as well as sequencing services to a broad range of customers. Since early 2004, 454 Life Sciences' Measurement Service Center, located in Branford, CT, has routinely sequenced whole genomes for clients worldwide using 454's proprietary technology and instruments. In addition to service-based genomic analysis, the Measurement Service Center provides training for researchers and staff using the 454 Genome Sequencing System.

454's technology represents the first new approach for genomic sequencing to be commercialized in more than 20 years. 454's system enables one individual to prepare and sequence an entire genome after performing a single sample preparation, irrespective of the size of the genome being studied. The hallmark of 454's technology is the radically different approach to sequencing which allows a single instrument to produce over 20 megabases (20,000,000 bases) of sequencing per four hour run, totaling more that 100 times the capacity of instruments using the current standard technology. 454's technology is based on proprietary picoliter-technologies, patented light emitting sequencing chemistries, and state of the art informatics. The patented Genome Sequencing System utilizes this technology and is a scalable, ultra-fast and cost-effective system for whole genome sequencing.

About 454 Life Sciences

454 Life Sciences is commercializing novel instrumentation and services for rapidly and comprehensively determining the nucleotide sequence -- "whole genome sequencing" -- of genomes. The Company's instrument systems, based on proprietary picoliter-technologies, patented light emitting sequencing chemistry, and state of the art informatics, have 100 times the throughput of existing sequencing machines. 454 is marketing its services and instruments to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biodefense, and agriculture companies as well as to universities and government agencies. 454 Life Sciences is a majority owned subsidiary of CuraGen Corporation. Additional information is available at http://www.454.com/.


454 Life Sciences Contact:
Christopher K. McLeod
(877) 890-GNOM


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