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Farfield Takes Another Pioneering Step Into Molecular Interactions

Farfield is delighted to have won another prestigious SBRI award from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) (www.bbsrc.ac.uk/) which will enable us to launch a new structure-function workstation for macromolecular assemblies.

This work will extend Farfield's existing AnaLight® product range (www.farfield-sensors.com/products.htm) to enable a better understanding of the intimate link between the structure and function of protein-carbohydrate macromolecular complexes, an area of much current research activity.

This work conducted under the SBRI award will be a collaboration between Farfield and four members of ProteoGlycans North West (PGsNOW), a grouping of 17 expert laboratories in the North West of England and builds upon a highly successful project to develop "close to in vivo" biomimetic membranes recently completed under an earlier SBRI award (www.farfield-sensors.com/news_31.htm).

Dual Polarisation Interferometry (DPI) is an analytical technique used to understand the real-time structure and behaviour of a wide range of molecular systems and interactions through quantitative measurement. DPI has been successful across a range of applications, including proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, lectins, surfactants, polymers, interfacial studies, surface characterisation and nanotechnology. For further applications information, please visit http://www.farfield-sensors.com/keyareas.htm

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