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Jenoptik Mikrotechnik Introduces HEX Series of Hot Embossing Equipment at Nanotech 2005; Industry Pioneer's Equipment Enables Micro and Nanotechnogy Part Production

ANAHEIM, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 9, 2005--Jenoptik Mikrotechnik GmbH, the industry pioneer in the design and fabrication of hot embossing tools, has announced here at Nanotech 2005 the introduction of its HEX Series of hot embossing equipment. These systems provide the user with maximum flexibility in the high precision molding of polymer parts which contain features in the micro and nano dimension domain including those with high aspect ratios. The HEX Series systems introduced provide solutions from R&D applications to highly automated/high throughput applications. Current popular applications of these tools include optical gratings and microfluidic chips for biomedical applications.

The diversity of the HEX Series product line allows the user to select the proper tool for their budget and application. The HEX Series has been designed and formulated to be expandable and easily updated due to its powerful and flexible operational software. Engineered to meet a wide variety of applications, the systems offer a wide range of selectable parameters including applied force, temperature and chamber vacuum pressure that can be programmed as a function of time easily and conveniently. This results in optimum device performance, high yield, high repeatability and maximum throughput of manufactured devices. All systems enable typical feature size from several micrometers to less than 50 nanometers.

The HEX 01 System was designed specifically for research labs, university and small-scale production requirements. It provides flexibility and rugged design at low cost.

The HEX 02 System incorporates a wider process range and includes automation capability that makes it ideally suitable for pilot production and R&D applications.

The HEX 03 System offers unequalled process range, throughput and is fully automated. In-situ auto alignment enables large volume production and versatility for advanced product development at the nanometer scale.

Mr. Johannes Froehling, Jenoptik Mikrotechnik's Director of Marketing and Sales, said, "Jenoptik is the acknowledged pioneer in hot embossing and our HEX Series of tools offers a wide range of performance and automation capabilities to best match the customers' requirements. Of significant interest is our unique and proprietary Active De-Embossing Technology which provides the user with a smooth and gentle separation of the substrate and the mold resulting in parts of exceptional uniformity and minimum induced stress which translates into high yield. In addition, our ability to provide equipment which can provide up to 200kN of press force enables the optimum form fill factor for the part resulting in a higher precision part which also increases product quality and yield."

The price for Jenoptik Mikrotechnik's HEX Series of Hot Embossing Tools starts at $200,000 US.

For more information, please contact Mr. Steve Wisloski at Jenoptik Mikrotechnik US at 802-879-6480 ( steve.wisloski@jenoptik.com ) or Mr. Johannes Froehling at Jenoptik Mikrotechnik Germany at 49-3641-65-3338 ( johannes.froehling@jenoptik.com ).

About Jenoptik Mikrotechnik GmbH:

Jenoptik Mikrotechnik Gmbh is the technology leader in the field of Hot Embossing for the manufacture of micro-fluidic and micro-optical devices. The company located in Jena, Germany, was founded in 1996 and is a 100% owned subsidiary of Jenoptik Laser and Optik Systems GmbH. Jenoptik Mikrotechnik has installed more than 50 Hot Embossing Systems in leading R&D institutes, universities and MEMS companies in Japan, USA and Europe. The technical portfolio consists of Hot Embossing Equipment, LIGA-Scanners, Monochromators, EUV Monitoring systems and Technology Services.

For more information about Jenoptik Mikrotechnik and its products and services, please visit www.jo-mikrotechnik.com .

Note: Detailed data sheets and graphic images of the HEX-01, HEX-02 and HEX-03 are available on the Jenoptic Mikrotechnik website...www.jo-mikrotechnik.com .


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