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Carl Zeiss SMT Nano Technology Systems Division: New ULTRA 55 nanostructural analysis tool with Complete Detection System introduced


Photo: High resolution SEM ULTRA 55 the versatile analysis tool for nanotechnology with Complete Detection System

Oberkochen, Germany, June 2005. -- Carl Zeiss SMT Nano Technology Systems Division introduces the latest developments in signal detection technology for the ULTRA 55 field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) featuring a totally new Complete Detection System (CDS) which enables simultaneous surface, compositional and crystallographic imaging down to the nanometer level with high signal contrast and unsurpassed clarity.

The ULTRA 55 FESEM, based on the renowned ZEISS GEMINI â FESEM column with beam booster, now comprises three direct detection systems fully integrated in the column:

•  High efficiency In-lens SE detector for high contrast topography

•  In-column EsB (Energy selective Backscattered electron) detector for low kV ultra high resolution material contrast

•  Integrated annular AsB (Angle selective Backscattered electron) detector for compositional and crystal orientation imaging

The optionally available GEMINI â multi mode STEM detection system extends the imaging capabilities beyond the nanometer range.

Key advantage of this new CDS concept integrated in the ULTRA 55 is delivering dedicated nanostructural information including surface topography , composition, crystal orientation and magnetic domains simultaneously and fast in one system. The ULTRA 55 CDS delivers extremely accurate metrology data due to the enhanced performance of the two integrated backscattered electron detectors which do not show charging effects. Applications are as divers as nanotechnology, nano-structural materials analysis, materials development, data storage devices, magnetic materials, semiconductor device development and failure analysis.

Combined with the large multi-port analytical chamber, the large fully motorised 5-axes eucentric stage and the GEMINI ® high current mode, the ULTRA55 offers superb analytical capabilities.

The ULTRA 55 FESEM with the complete electron detection system enables customers previously unseen imaging and analytical information right down to the nanoscale level.


Jack Vermeulen, Carl Zeiss SMT AG

Marketing Director

73446 Oberkochen, Germany

Phone +49 7364 20-3836; Fax +49 7364 20-4970

E-Mail: vermeulen@smt.zeiss.com

Internet: http://www.smt.zeiss.com/nts



PI No. 044/05 100

May 2005

Carl Zeiss SMT AG: With a wide-ranging product portfolio, Carl Zeiss SMT meets the requirements of the key processes involved in microchip production, making it one of the leading direct and indirect suppliers to the semiconductor and nanotechnology industry. As an innovation leader in the field of Lithography Optics and optical and electron beam-based inspection and measuring systems, Carl Zeiss SMT generates important momentum for further development in the chip industry. Together with its subsidiaries at locations in Germany, UK, USA and France, the international group of companies employs a total workforce of some 1,800 people. For the latest fiscal year ending September 30, 2004, the company recorded Net Sales of EUR 560 Million. The stock corporation emerged from the Semiconductor Technology business group of Carl Zeiss as a 100% subsidiary on October 1, 2001.

Visit http://www.zeiss.smt.com for additional information.


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