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OPTO 2005 : LovaLite gets the Bronze Photon !

Opto 2005, the leading photonics and optics tradeshow in France with 150 exhibitors and 6000 visitors, took place from september 27th to 29th in Paris . LovaLite , a young start-up from the Technopole de l'Aube en Champagne , has been awarded the Bronze Photon on the “Innovation Showcase” organised by the magazine “ Photoniques ” and the “French Agency for Photonics and Optics industry”, 3 rd price for the French innovation of the year. 16 companies selected by a prestigious jury were competing for the Golden, Silver and Bronze Photons.

LovaLite was competing with its micro tip in polymer (Apex 500µm; length 30µm) adapted at the end of a micro structured optical fiber developed by PERFOS, which clearly enhance the light transmission in optical systems such as very high speed internet or telecom networks.

The company, lead by Dr Dahmani , uses a unique fabrication process developed by Dr Pascal Royer from the Laboratory for Nanotechnology and Optical Instrumentation ( University of Technology of Troyes / Champagne / France ). LovaLite is sponsored by the French Ministry of Industry, the Region Champagne Ardenne and the French Agency for Innovation.

Also specialised in the production of micro tips for Scanning Near Field Optical Microscopy, LovaLite proudly got the 3 rd price (equal to Leukos ) just behind LaserLabs and Imagine Optic.

More information on www.optoexpo.com ; www.lovalite.com

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Marketing Department

Technopole de l'Aube en Champagne

BP 601 - 10009 Troyes Cedex - France

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