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RoboMate – World's First Combined Angular-Linear Motorized Nanopositioning System

DTI-NanoTech, a division of Discovery Technology International specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative nanopositioning devices, reveals the world's first combined angular-linear motorized positioning system, RoboMate™ (Patent Pending).

RoboMate is the first system of its kind to allow a probe/tool/laser to be precisely positioned at infinitely variable angles with respect to the target sample. Using DTI's Virtual Point™ technology the tip of the probe/tool/laser can remain fixed at a specific point whilst it's angle of approach with respect to the target sample can be varied continuously. The technology, based on a totally new concept and design principle, represents a quantum leap in micro/nano-positioning evolution.


For over 100 years the basic design principle used in micropositioner and micromanipulator systems has remained relatively unchanged based on the traditional X,Y and X,Y,Z linear displacement configurations; whereby each axis of linear movement is fixed and perpendicular with respect to an orthogonal axis of linear movement. However, it is often desirable during an experimental or manufacturing procedure to alter the angle of approach of a probe/tool with respect to the target sample. Although a number of micropositioner manufacturers have developed ad hoc adapters and devices that permit movement outside of the orthogonal planes; such adaptation is generally cumbersome requiring the probe/tool to be removed from the target sample while the new position/angle is then pre-set by hand.

RoboMate is the only device commercially available that allows simultaneous precise control over the angle of approach and linear movement of the probe/tool.

Virtual Point TM Technology

The functional design of RoboMate incorporates two advanced proprietary piezoelectric motors and a linear stage based on a similar motor technology. A Virtual Point is formed where the axis of rotation of the first and second rotary motors and the longitudinal axis of the probe/tool intersect. When the tip of the probe/tool is positioned at the Virtual Point, changes in the angle of the probe/tool will not affect the position of the tip of the probe, which will remain at the Virtual Point (see on-line movie ).


The RoboMate joystick controls both the direction and the velocity of movement. The target sample under study is placed on the motorized X,Y,Z platform, which is then positioned within the working angular coordinates of RoboMate using a second joystick. Once in position the probe/tool of RoboMate can be brought to the target. A combination of movement of the motorized platform and RoboMate enables an unlimited number of positions of the probe/tool with respect to the target sample.

Digital Control

The core of the system design is an advanced piezoelectric rotary motor driven by a digital signal processor (DSP) based controller. When the motor is de-energized, it operates as a steadfast position holder (brake) with almost undetectable backlash and drift (see Technical Data). Software control over the movement of RoboMate can also be achieved using a Windows 2000/XP based GUI.


The unique positioning capabilities of RoboMate and its miniature size means that it has important applications in many fields of science, engineering, medicine and manufacturing. RoboMate overcomes the inherent drawbacks of traditional X,Y,Z systems by enabling a continuously variable angle of approach, while at the same time keeping the point of the probe/tool fixed at the target site (Virtual Point TM ). Applications are numerous and include:

Microelectronics (MEMS, NEMS), semi-conductor, photonics, micro-manufacturing

  • Microscopy and microcircuit inspection and QC – microscope camera can be fitted to the linear axis of RoboMate
  • Micro and nano positioning
  • Microchip probing, re-work and prototyping
  • Laser and fiber optic alignment
  • Laser damage testing
  • X Ray orientation
  • Ultra-fine assembly, probing, soldering & testing, microscopy and inspection (QC).

Biology and Medicine

  • Micropositioning (electrophysiology, e.g. patch clamping)
  • Microinjection
  • Microscopy – microscope camera can be fitted to the linear axis of RoboMate
  • Microsurgery
  • X Ray orientation
  • Medical device manufacturing, testing, inspection (QC).

Download Technical Data for RoboMate.

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