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  • Founder :
    David W.G. Voyle

  • Born :
    Ipswich, UK,
    I have been living in the
    Netherlands for the past 22 years

  • Occupation :

    Editor Nano Tsunami

** Consultant specialising in the Public Perception of Nanotechnology Issues

* Public Speaker on the impact of Nanotechnology on the European Public

** Want help in marketing or positioning your product in line with European public perception of nanotechnology ?

* or for a non technical " introduction nanotechnology workshop " ?

Contact me direct via info(at)voyle.net for more info.

  • areas of interest :



    Tourette's Syndrome
    ( also known as )
    Tourette Syndrome
    or Tourette's Disorder

Freedom of Information,

Freedom of Speech,


Launched in September 2003, regular visitors may have seen that I am committed to all things Nano.

I pride myself on pushing Nano Tsunami to regularly publish all forms of Nanotechnology and Future Technology news but with a strong focus towards Nano news to help inform "Joe & Mary Public " about nanotechnology.

The news items I published cover as wide a view of Nanotechnology and Future Technology issues as possible, it is my aim more to inform, than to instruct.

Although I am happy to publish any scientific article regarding nano research or Nano-Tech, and Future Technology, I will also warmly welcome any news from commercial companies working within the various areas.

My vision for Nano Tsunami is to be a " NanoTech Soapbox " a place were any party for or against nanotechnology and Future Technology can freely publish their views & news.

Finally, a BIG thank you for all your support. Please surf back again tomorrow for more headline news

David W.G Voyle

Want help p.s Have you got something to say and want to publish your views & news ?
Just email me
via nanotech(at)voyle.net ( just replace at with @ )



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