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Yes, we want your views and news about nanotech, from inside or outside of this fascinating new world.

Our current Guest Writers include:

Dr. Pearl Chin
Neil Gordon
Chris Phoenix
Rory McLean
Dr. Jose Feneque
Michael E. Thomas
Michael Anissimov
Jason Des Forges
Sander Olson
Ruud Smits
Klaas Punselie
Drs. Ineke Malsch
Patric Salomon
Alan Van Arsdale
Adriano Cavalcanti
plus your name ?

Hopefully you ( and your views ) will come from anywhere around the globe, and you are able to email us much news & views as you wish in every 1 or 2 months.

As Guest Writer you will be assigned your very own column / set of pages( so don't forget to send us that passport photo ).

email us your news & views to: nanotech(at)voyle.net ( just replace at with @ )

So are you feeling the wave?

How it all Works:

Please note: This is not an offer of work, and your contribution will be only be viewed by interested parties via the Internet. To date we have no plans to produce a printed version of Nano Tsunami.

We also view this as a totally free service on your behalf, and you are free to stop or start sending us your news & views as and when ever you wish. ( we hope however that we can build up a regular column on your behalf ).

Finally, as a contributor you will not be paid in any way, shape, or form by Nano-Tsunami. However, this offer is open to everyone, the young, the old, layman and woman, students, and professionals alike. All we have to offer you is a Nano Amount of fame ):-

Legal Notice: All material published will be subject to prior approve by the Editor of Nano Tsunami.com and may be withdrawn at any time with prior written notice or reason.

We only ask for one-time publishing rights, and once the article is published, all rights revert back to the author(s).


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