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news 30 - 09 - 2004
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Future Technology : UK - USA

Scientists tame electron beams, bringing 'table top' particle accelerators a step closer


Scientists from the UK and the USA have successfully demonstrated a new technique that could help to shrink the size and cost of future particle accelerators for fundamental physics experiments and applications in materials and biomedicine.

Using the huge electric fields in laser-produced plasmas, they have accelerated beams of electrons close to the speed of light, in an important step towards the development of a working laser electron accelerator that could sit on a table top...read the wave



Nano Biz : USA



Harris & Harris Group, Inc. announced today that it has invested $200,000 as part of a $5 million Series A Preferred round of financing by privately held Crystal IS, Inc. The investor syndicate was led by Arch Venture Partners and included JVP, 3i and Harris & Harris Group.

Crystal IS is a supplier of ultra-low defect density native aluminum nitride (AIN) single crystal substrates. The Company was founded in 1997 by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) physics professors Glen Slack and Leo Schowalter, both former GE scientists.
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NEW Nano Tsunami : Guest Writer

Jason Des Forges

plenty of room down there… nano talk from New Zealand

I, Nanokook...read the wave



Nano Medicine : India

How NCL is taking ‘Golden Triangle’ route to cancer cure

Scientists use bio-nanotechnology to discover ways to fight host of diseases including diabetes

Pune, This could be far cheaper than chemotherapy, drug and side-effects free and the golden triangles used have nothing to do with their more famous cousin notorious for narcotics smuggling. If anything, it may just bring with it the aroma of lemon grass.

In a breakthrough seen as a ‘‘big conceptual leap’’ in bio-nano technology, scientists at the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune, have discovered cutting-edge technology for fighting cancer and a host of other diseases including diabetes.

The technology works on hyperthermia of the cancer cells and uses nano-sized (one-billionth of a metre) triangular gold particles...read the wave



Nano Textiles : Hong Kong

HK scientists develop self-cleaning fabrics


Hong Kong SAR – Scientists are in the process of developing self-cleaning nanofabrics through a government-sponsored initiative, which is expected to add value to manufacturers' products and improve their sales.

Scientists at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University have been working on the development of functional fabrics through the Intelligent Production Control Decision-Making System for Apparel Manufacturing Process, a project financed by the Innovation and Technology Fund established by the Hong Kong government in 2003.

The research is focused on the application of self-cleaning nanotechnology at extremely low temperatures...read the wave



Future Technology : USA

Researchers use semiconductors to set speed limit on light


BERKELEY – In a nod to scientific paradox, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have slowed light down in an effort to speed up network communication.

They have shown for the first time that the group velocity of light - the speed at which a laser pulse travels along a light wave - can be slowed to about 6 miles per second in semiconductors. While that speed is not exactly the pace of a turtle, it is 31,000 times slower than the 186,000 miles (or 300 million meters) per second that light normally clocks while traveling through a vacuum.

"It's about twice as fast as an orbiting space shuttle," said Connie J. Chang-Hasnain, UC Berkeley professor of electrical engineering and computer science...read the wave



Nano Textiles :

Fabric's force field

COTTON: New technology allows clothing to resist stains and wrinkles, yet still be comfortable.


We may soon be listening to music emitted by the fabric of our clothing or watching our shirts change color as we heat up. But the hottest thing in fabric for the moment is only a little less remarkable, able to fight off dirt and wrinkles like something out of Superman's closet.

That's the view from Eva Snopek, fashion design instructor at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. "There is a lot of new technology out there," she said, citing nanotechnology as the superstar of the day. And our testing backed her up.

Something of a buzzword across many disciplines, nanotechnology in this case refers to a process of treating fabric on a molecular level...read the wave



Nano News : Germany


a DNA fragment moves along a self-organized DNA track


One of the most interesting challenges in the area of nanotechnology is the precise transport of nano-objects from one place on a nanostructure to another by a defined route. Researchers have now begun to overcome this challenge: there are three "stops" on the route of their new nanoscopic "tram" made of DNA.

DNA has already proven itself as a material for nanoconstruction in a number of ways. Because of the specific base pairing of complementary DNA regions, this material organizes itself into defined structures that can be predetermined by the order of its nucleotide components...read the wave





Panel addresses questions regarding the novelty and importance of nanotechnology in catalysis


Quiz a dozen catalysis researchers about the role of nanotechnology in catalysis and at least a few of them are sure to roll their eyes. One reason for the disdain expressed by some scientists for terms such as "nanotechnology" and other oft-used "nano words" is that while the nanometer scale may represent new and exciting territory for many areas of science, in heterogeneous catalysis it's old hat. Industry has been carrying out some chemical transformations on nanosized particles for decades.

Yet given the seemingly endless stream of nanoscience advances nowadays, surely the burgeoning field has contributed something new to catalysis. Hasn't it? That question--and others regarding...read the wave



Nano Biz : UK

DTI money for nano production


Applied Microengineering (AML), an Oxfordshire-based micromachine manufacturing tool firm, has been boosted by the award of a £678,000 DTI grant to support the development of its nano device production tool.

The aim of the grant is to support a project called LOBEL to create an industrial manufacturing platform for nanotechnology devices including sensors. The project is part of the DTI’s Micro & Nano technology (MNT) initiative...read the wave



Nano News : India

Nanotech: Next Big Revolution


HYDERABAD: Imagine a medical device that travels through the human body to seek out and destroy small clusters of cancerous cells, before they can spread. Or, materials much lighter than steel, but possess 10 times as much strength.

Nanotechnology is a revolution that is taking place in the science and technology sector. As a result, progress in nanoscience and nanotechnology is surely going to have far reaching effects, according to the latest report of the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom)...read the wave



news 29 - 09 - 2004
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Nano News : Germany

"Good vibrations" in der Nanowelt

Atomare Defekte bestimmen das Schwingungsverhalten von Kohlenstoff-Nanoröhren


Seit ihrer Entdeckung im Jahre 1991 beschäftigen Kohlenstoff-Nanoröhren die Fantasie von Forschern und Ingenieuren durch ihre vielversprechenden Eigenschaften. Diese Objekte der Nanowelt, die aus aufgerollten Graphitschichten bestehen und Durchmesser von einem Nanometer - 10.000 mal kleiner als ein menschliches Haar - haben, sollen als molekulare Komponenten in zukünftigen, Nanometer-großen Bauelementen eingesetzt werden. Die einzigartigen elektrischen Eigenschaften dieser Nanodrähte, die je nach atomarem Aufbau metallisch oder halbleitend sein können, ermöglichen die Entwicklung kleinster Bauelemente wie Nanotransistoren, Gassensoren, Superkondensatoren, Flachbildschirme, usw...read the wave



Nano Products : USA

Imagine Shoes that Are Forever Odor-Free!

Cost Breakthrough plus Polymer Manufacturing Compatibility Enables Vast Array of Antimicrobial Products, from Sneakers to Mascara


NanoHorizons, Inc. have announced the availability of a low-cost line of concentrated, polymer-compatible gold and silver nanoparticles in research and pilot production volumes. With prices for small quantities ranging from $100 to $400 per liter, NanoHorizons’ noble-metal nanoparticles’ unique combination of exceptionally low cost and polymer manufacturing process compatibility will enable manufacturers to create a vast array of plastic consumer and industrial products with built-in antimicrobial properties. Examples of potential products include plastic storage containers, food packaging materials, plastic gloves, and clothing such as odor-free, microbial-free shoes, socks, and hats...read the wave


NEW Nano Tsunami : Guest Writer

Jason Des Forges

plenty of room down there… nano talk from New Zealand

I, Nanokook...read the wave



Nano Electronics : EU

EU team takes 'proven' route to nano-switches


A European research consortium has adapted existing nanotechnology to create tiny switches that could further reduce the size and cost of computers.

The E! 2839 Mesci-I project - co-ordinated by European Union research network Eureka - claims to have succeeded where many others have failed, by making the production of miniature electric and computer systems economically viable.

The process uses mechanical nano-switches to store non-volatile memory data, which reduces the number of microchips used and cuts their demand for power...read the wave



Nano Research : USA

Buckyballs made safer for humans


Carbon molecules called “buckyballs” - which hold great promise for nanotechnology - but have been shown to harm fish have been made safer by scientists.

The soccer-ball-shaped carbon nanoparticles were shown to cause brain damage in fish and kill water fleas in a study in March 2004. But now a team at Rice University in Houston, Texas, US, has come close to understanding how buckyballs – more formally known as fullerenes - kill cells and how their toxicity can be lowered in human cells...read the wave


Nano Electronics : USA



CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a technique that uses surface chemistry to make tinier and more effective p-n junctions in silicon-based semiconductors. The method could permit the semiconductor industry to significantly extend the life of current ion-implantation technology for making transistors, thereby avoiding the implementation of difficult and costly alternatives.

To make faster silicon-based transistors, scientists much shrink the active region in p-n junctions while increasing the concentration of electrically active dopant. Currently about 25 nanometers thick, these active regions must decrease to about 10 nanometers, or roughly 40 atoms deep, for next-generation devices...read the wave


Nano Research : EU

Council discusses initiatives to strengthen European research and nanotechnology


Meeting on 24 September, the EU Competitiveness Council adopted conclusions calling for continuity between the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes, but with initiatives to simplify procedures. Ministers also stressed the need for the reinforcement of nanotechnology research at European level.

The Council reviewed the findings of an expert panel charged with carrying out a mid-term evaluation of the new instruments of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) and endorsed its findings. The main conclusions of the review were that the new instruments and their aims are justified, but that more needs to be done to ensure that smaller and less experienced entities are able to participate in the programmes and that the instruments are correctly understood...read the wave


Nano Medicine : UK

Nanomedicines Already Bringing
Clinical Benefit to Thousands


"Nanotechnology" is a newly fashionable field but in the world of drug development it is certainly not new, the British Pharmaceutical Conference was told this week.

The first nanomedicines are already bringing clinical benefit to thousands of patients, said Professor Ruth Duncan in her Conference Science Chairman's address.

"Progress in the development of nano-sized hybrid therapeutics and nano-sized drug delivery systems over the last decade has been remarkable. A growing number of products have already secured regulatory authority approval and, in turn, are supported by a healthy clinical development pipeline. They include products used to treat multiple sclerosis, AIDS, cancer, hepatitis and arthritis." ...read the wave


Nano Electronics : USA

An important step toward molecular electronics


EVANSTON, Ill. --- Silicon microelectronics has undergone relentless miniaturization during the past 30 years, leading to dramatic improvements in computational capacity and speed. But the end of that road is fast approaching, and scientists and engineers have been investigating another promising avenue: using individual molecules as functional electronic devices.

Now a team of engineers at Northwestern University has become the first to precisely align multiple types of molecules on a silicon surface at room temperature -- an important step toward the goal of molecular electronics...read the wave


Nano Report : USA

ThinkEquity Identifies Top Growth Industries; Predicts $6 Trillion 'Growth Economy' by 2006

100-Plus-Page Report Defines Growth Economy, Offers Formula for Identifying Stars of Tomorrow and Reveals Massive Untapped Investment Opportunities in Small Caps


SAN FRANCISCO, ThinkEquity Growth Conference, /PRNewswire/ -- ThinkEquity Partners, a leading research-centric institutional investment firm, last week unveiled a groundbreaking research report on the growth economy, titled "Think Growth!" at its highly successful growth conference in San Francisco. The report includes a detailed study of growth trends over the past 10 years, and predictions for growth in specific industry segments...read the wave


Nano Reports : USA

Innovative R&D and Computational Nanoscience Redefines Nanophase Materials


PALO ALTO, California,PRNewswire/ -- Groundbreaking progress in nanotechnology is giving rise to heightened interest among investors, manufacturers, and other market participants. With progress comes new issues and challenges for theoretical scientists and, accordingly, increased demand for high-end research procedures and tools.

"Most of the research happening now is focused on improving upon existing materials properties or developing new materials," says Technical Insights Research Analyst Hrishikesh Bidwe. "These materials will initially find use in various high performance industries, such as aerospace and defense. If price can be significantly reduced, consumer applications will probably become the major market for nanophase materials."...read the wave



Nano News : UK - Brazil

Cambridge-Brazil collaboration on nanotechnology opportunities


Technology for Industry Ltd (TFI), a Cambridgeshire consultancy focusing on nanotechnology, has unveiled a strategic alliance with MBD in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Dr Malcolm Wilkinson, MD of Technology for Industry, said that Brazil – like many other nations – had recognised the importance of nanotechnology in creating competitive advantage for its industry.

MBD, based in the centre of one of Brazil’s most prosperous regions, has an outstanding number of contacts and knowledge of the Brazilian emerging hi-tech industries, according to Dr Wilkinson...read the wave



Nano News :

Nanomaterials Are Showing Promise in Nanotechnology Applications


San Jose - PALO ALTO - Researchers are continuing to make giant strides toward realizing the exceptional potential of nanotechnology. Their efforts have resulted in the advent of stronger, lighter, and improved nanomaterials currently finding extensive use in several high-performance applications.

"Nanotechnology is well poised to become an accepted technology in years to come and many future applications are likely to have some form of nanotechnology embedded in them," says Technical Insights Analyst Hrishikesh Bidwe...read the wave


Nano Debate : USA

Nano proponents square off against specter of 'gray goo'


WASHINGTON — Frankenstein's man-made monster, of Mary Shelley's classic horror tale, seems to be lumbering after proponents of nanotechnology.
The creature has been evoked by people fearful that the hot technology of the 21st century will run amok. This time, the torch-bearing villagers are gathering around the "gray goo" menace, fearful that self-replicating, biological nanomachines ceaselessly will reproduce and take over the world.

For nanotechnologists, these fears are as old hat as monster movie weekends...read the wave


news 28 - 09 - 2004
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Nano News : Holland

nanoWATER 2004


Dear reader,

I spent most of yesterdays daylight hours getting to and from the excellent Club of Amsterdam / Cientifica nanoWATER 2004 event which took place here in Holland.

Along with the other participants I managed to penetrate grid-locked Amsterdam ( which was party to a municipal transport strike ) and I was highly awarded with presentations from many of the nano industry mover’s and shakers incl : Uri Sagman, Professor Raphael Semiat, Fred Tepper, Dr Eric Mayes, and Tim Harper.

Speakers and delegates alike where full of praise for this first every nanoWater world seminar. We all look forward to nanoWATER 2005 and the establishment of nanoWATER as an annual ( Dutch ? ) event.

So, apologise then to my early readers but due to a shortage of time ( left over after nanoWATER ) I will be posting the main featured news articles later through the day.

However, not to leave your all out in the cold I have still been able to post a selection of today’s best nano linked news items

Finally, more great news from Nano Tsunami. I am being joined by even more new guest writers so watch out for their work very very soon !

…read the wave !

David W.G. Voyle



Nano News : Asia

Mini miracle

Nanotechnology is the next big thing - and it will change the way we live

NANOTECHNOLOGY is the science of creating super tiny things, but its impact on the world is going to be enormous.

While the work of nanotechnology will be invisible to end-users, it will affect all aspects of their lives, including areas like health, electronics, environment and also in manufacturing processes.

In an interview with The New Paper, Dr Meyya Meyyappan, director at the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) Center for Nanotechnology, Ames Research Center, said that nanotechnology is still in its developmental stage but is set to take off in a big way by the next decade.

Here's how nanotechnology will change the way we live:
...read the wave



Faint-hearted financiers fritter our nanotech lead


AUSTRALIA is at the forefront of nanotechnology but the business sector is not convinced it warrants investment backing, according Sydney University research.

The report, produced by the Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering with assistance from the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, finds most business leaders are not ready to make direct investment in nanotechnology.

The findings are based on workshop sessions earlier this year with about 90 consultants and core industry executives in Sydney and Melbourne...read the wave



Nano News : Thailand

Project with IBM helps expand nanotechnology


The Science and Technology Ministry yesterday announced a major new development project with IBM Thailand to transfer nanotechnology in three key areas – grid computing, biotechnology and life science.

The cooperation is expected to help the country improve its research and development capabilities to create competitive advantages for Thai industry.

Under the agreement, IBM will transfer emerging technologies and equipment to local researchers as part of the ministry’s effort to develop a sound infrastructure for developing science and technology in Thailand...read the wave



Nano News : Vietnam

Nanotechnology-based water treatment equipment


Ha Noi (VNA) – A seminar on applying nanotechnology to producing water treatment and filtering equipment was held in Ha Noi last week by the municipal Association of Sci-Tech Information, the Vietnamese firm Vivina and the Republic of Korea’s Biocera group....read the wave



Nano News : Printing

Nano World Printing At Its Ultimate Limit

The invention of printing about a thousand years ago transformed history, much as nanotechnology - science and engineering at the molecular scale - is expected to trigger a second Industrial Revolution. Now, nanotechnology and printing are converging in a technique growing in popularity worldwide that brings printing to its fundamental limit of detail only nanometers or billionths of a meter wide...read the wave



Nano Medicine : UK

'Real optimism' for a new generation of drugs


THOUSANDS of patients are already benefiting from the miniature world of nanotechnology, a Welsh expert today said.

Professor Ruth Duncan, of the Welsh School of Pharmacy, at Cardiff University, said although nanotechnology - a nanometre is one billionth of a metre - may be a fashionable new field in drug development, the clinical benefits are already being experienced.

Prof Duncan, who today addresses the British Pharmaceutical Conference as the science chairman, said, "Progress in the development of nano-sized hybrid therapeutics and nano-sized drug delivery systems over the last decade has been remarkable...read the wave.



Nano Biz : USA

Nanotech and the pitfalls of specialty funds

Beware of investing in the hot new thing. Remember the Internet fund craze?


Nanotechnology, or the science of making and manipulating very, very tiny objects -- at the level of individual cells or molecules -- is indeed cool from a scientific perspective. It also has potential applications ranging from sunscreen to microchips, and the National Science Foundation recently estimated that the market for nanotechnology-related products could reach $1 trillion by 2015. This has, of course, caught the attention of the market; in fact, this is the second question about nanotech funds that we've received in the past couple of months...read the wave


news 27 - 09 - 2004
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Nano Debate : UK

Safe as sunshine?


The suggestion that imposing stricter controls over a fledgling field such as nanotechnology could help the UK steal a march on its competitors may seem laughable. But some researchers now believe the country could gain a vital lead in the emerging sector by developing a uniform toxicity screening system to assess the safety of nanoparticles.

As more companies, their employees and customers come into contact with nanotechnology-based processes and products, such a test could help the sector avoid comparisons with earlier disastrous developments such as asbestos...read the wave



Nano Research : USA

Rice finds 'on-off switch' for buckyball toxicity

CBEN pioneers method of mitigating nanoparticle|
toxicity via surface enhancement


HOUSTON, -- Researchers at Rice University's Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology (CBEN) have demonstrated a simple way to reduce the toxicity of water-soluble buckyballs by a factor of more than ten million.

The research will appear in an upcoming issue of the journal Nano Letters, published by the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society. One of the first toxicological studies of buckyballs, the research was published online by the journal on Sept. 11.

Buckyballs, whose chemical notation is C60, are hollow, soccerball-shaped molecules containing 60 carbon atoms. Their diameter is just one-billionth of a meter, or one nanometer, and their discovery at Rice in 1985 is widely regarded as an early milestone in the field of nanotechnology...read the wave



NEW Nano Tsunami : Guest Writer

Jason Des Forges

plenty of room down there… nano talk from New Zealand

I, Nanokook...read the wave



Nano Research : UK

UK company way ahead of the market
in creating green hydrogen

Hydrogen solar greatly increases the efficiency of creating hydrogen from solar panels by using nanotechnology


British company Hydrogen Solar has doubled the performance of its technology, which converts light and water directly into hydrogen fuel.

Dr. David Auty, Hydrogen Solar's chief executive said, " the key to Hydrogen Solar's breakthrough is nanotechnology. Hydrogen Solar developed a nano-crystalline material that will dramatically improve the production of hydrogen by using solar energy to split water more efficiently into its elemental parts."

In the coming months Hydrogen Solar plans to open a laboratory in Las Vegas. This will enable it to take advantage of the hot dry area for research. The company is currently recruiting scientists and engineers for the new lab. Hydrogen Solar needs scientists to drive the development work forward and...read the wave



Future Technology : UK

d3o at the Olympics and the UK Science Museum


d3o lab, the materials development company responsible for the revolutionary new impact protection technology which is soft and flexible but instantaneously stiffens on impact, have been working with Leon Paul, manufacturers of high end fencing equipment and apparel, to produce equipment used by the UK team in Athens this summer.

Barry Paul of Leon Paul comments, “For some years we have been looking for an impact absorbing material which was flexible in normal use but protective under impact loading such as being hit with the point or side of a fencing sword. Initial testing confirmed immediately that d3o can supply the solution for protection in masks, bibs, gloves, and body.”...read the wave



Nano Medicine : USA

Researchers create nanotubes that change colors, form 'nanocarpet' and kill bacteria

Implications include developing materials that
both detect and kill biological agents


PITTSBURGH, Sept. 24 – University of Pittsburgh researchers have synthesized a simple molecule that not only produces perfectly uniform, self-assembled nanotubes but creates what they report as the first "nanocarpet," whereby these nanotubes organize themselves into an expanse of upright clusters that when magnified a million times resemble the fibers of a shag rug. Moreover, unlike other nanotube structures, these tubes display sensitivity to different agents by changing color and can be trained to kill bacteria, such as E. coli, with just a jab to its cell membrane.

How a mere single-step synthesis of a hydrocarbon and a...read the wave



Nano Medicine : UK

Smart drugs herald cancer breakthrough


A new generation of targeted drugs that could help women with advanced breast cancer are being developed with the help of nanotechnology.

Scientists have discovered a way of delivering traditional anti-cancer drugs and hormonal drugs simultaneously using soluble compounds which home in on the cancer's blood supply.

For the first time, they have found a way of carrying the drugs directly to the site of the cancer. This promises to give women with metastatic disease, where the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, a better chance of survival. It may also reduce some of the toxic side-effects of treatment...read the wave



Nano News :

Nano World: Printing at its ultimate limit


New York, NY, Sep. 24 (UPI) -- The invention of printing about a thousand years ago transformed history, much as nanotechnology -- science and engineering at the molecular scale -- is expected to trigger a second Industrial Revolution. Now, nanotechnology and printing are converging in a technique growing in popularity worldwide that brings printing to its fundamental limit of detail only nanometers or billionths of a meter wide...read the wave



Nano Medicine

Scientific small wonders
OSU nanotech center ponders medical research's next big thing


A new "nanoscale" research center at Ohio State University aims to develop ways to mass-produce inexpensive, ultra-small devices to diagnose and treat diseases.

Some day soon, a custom-made magnetic probe no bigger than a few dozen hydrogen atoms could latch on to an infectious protein and steer it to a detector. Or a patch bristling with "nanoneedles" could inject molecules of medicine into an individual cancer cell.

Eventually a "nanofactory" might be able to churn out artificial viruses carrying repair....read the wave



Nano Debate : Canada

Small is the new big thing


On an otherwise quiet afternoon, the stately auditorium at McGill University in Montreal was abuzz as scientists from across the province came together to participate in NanoQuebec, an annual conference showcasing the state-of-the-art in nanotechnology – or at least what passes as nanotechnology nowadays: anything.

Surveying the exhibits and posters, it was clear there was little by way of real nanotechnology. Most participants simply conferred the honorific title of "nano" on their original work. So small materials became....read the wave



Nano News :

India and Israel Emphasize Nanotech Sector Growth


Small Times magazine has recently run stories about the nanotech development initiatives of India and Israel respectively;

India, in addition to germinating a biotech industry uncharacteristic of its traditional strengths in information technologies, is now taking steps to build an economically and technologically sustainable nanotech sector. India's president and former aeronautical engineer A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, has long championed the growing field as a means to bolster the country's economy.

"[Nanotechnology] is the field of the future that will replace microelectronics and many fields with tremendous application potential in the areas of medicine, electronics and material science,” said Kalam in a recent speech, while stating elsewhere that nanotech will be a...read the wave



Nano Biz : Belgium

Nanocyl S.A. Generates Capital Increase
of Over Three Million Euros


Sambreville, Belgium, — Nanocyl S.A., a Belgian nanotechnology company and leading producer of carbon nanotubes in Europe, announces today that subsequent to a 47.1% subscription of new shareholders, the company has continued to reinforce its growth resulting in a capital increase of three million euros (3.62 M USD).

Nanocyl S.A. recently was honored for its outstanding entrepreneurial expertise, proactive business model, and precise understanding of the industry by receiving the 2004 Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company Award. Each year, this Award acknowledges the company that has established exceptional entrepreneurial ability in its industry. Additionally, it certifies that the company’s marketing strategy is sound and poised for success...read the wave



Nano Biz : USA

Two New Issued Patents and 12 New Patent Applications Cement Biophan Technologies' Leading-Edge Role in Biomedical Technology


Biophan Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: BIPH), a developer of next-generation biomedical technology, have announced the filing of 12 new patents in a range of medical applications that further establish the Company's cutting-edge role in several critical areas of medical science and health care.

The patents, filed by Biophan and its associated companies, Nanoset LLC and Biomed Solutions LLC, outline new advances in the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), as well as nanotechnology coatings, biothermal batteries and opto-electric controls for implanted medical devices.

The two newly issued patents
...read the wave



Future Technology

Antimatter matters


Perhaps nowhere in the esoteric world of Fermilab is the imagination sparked more than by the production of antimatter.

Any casual fan of science fiction knows that antimatter can never, ever be mixed with matter.

But Fermilab scientists have taken science fiction and turned it into science fact. Mixing matter and antimatter is exactly what they do.

More accurately, they mix protons and antiprotons by firing them in opposite directions into the 4-mile Tevatron accelerator ring and force them to collide with one and other at nearly the speed of light...read the wave



news 24 - 09 - 2004
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Nano Research : USA

Groundbreaking research could ignite new solutions to heat transfer in nano-devices


For the first time, an innovative research technique successfully completed a detailed measurement of how heat energy is created at the molecular level, an approach that could have far reaching implications for developing nano-devices.

Research results to be published in the upcoming issue of Science, detail a collaborative effort involving The University of Scranton, a Jesuit university in Pennsylvania, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a research institution in Illinois.

"This is the first time that anyone has measured how a specific motion of a molecule on one side of a molecular wall causes molecules within the wall to move,"...read the wave



Nano Funding : USA



MADISON - A new kind of science is revolutionizing technology, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison just received more than $13 million to harness its potential during the next five years

The science, called nanotechnology, is the study of materials and processes at scales so small that they're practically invisible under the lens of almost any microscope. These materials measure between one and 100 nanometers, with a single unit equal to one billionth of a meter. In comparison, the width of a human hair, for example, is about 50,000 nanometers.

Because these units are so small, materials of this size and processes that occur at this scale often display behaviors that are different from those observed at larger scales..read the wave



Nano Electronics : USA

IBM, AMD extend chip-making alliance through 2008


SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and IBM Corp. have extended their chip-manufacturing technology agreement for an additional three years, paving the way for further chip process advancements from both companies.

The contract was supposed to expire next year. Under the terms of the extended deal, AMD will pay IBM between $250 million and $280 million from September 2004 through December 2008.

In return, AMD gets access to IBM's chip technologies. The contract remains subject to approval from IBM's board of directors.

"Under the development agreement, [AMD] and IBM agreed to continue to jointly develop new logic process technologies, including 65-nanometer and 45-nanometer technologies...read the wave



Nano Electronics : India

Cypress Expands India Design Center


Cypress Semiconductor Corp. today announced a $2 million plan to expand its year-old semiconductor design center in Hyderabad, India.

The center, which has primarily designed network search engines (NSE) over the past year, will broaden its focus to include next-generation NSEs, 90nm-scale logic devices and systems engineering capabilities. Expansion plans involve the addition of a silicon validation lab, equipment and engineering talent to support these new functions....read the wave



Nano Research : USA

NSF Announces Six New Centers for Nanoscale Research


"The nanoscale science and engineering initiative at the National Science Foundation supports high-risk/high-reward priority research themes aligned with societal needs," said Mihail Roco, head of the NSF initiative and chair of the National Science and Technology Council's subcommittee on Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology. "Each new center has a bold vision for research and education at the frontiers of science and technology, and with the existing centers, provide a coherent approach to U.S. nanotechnology research and education. Recent breakthroughs supported by NSF in exploratory research in nanomachines, nanobiosystems, medical devices, high-rate manufacturing, nanopores, and self-assembly are now moving to the next level."...read the wave



Nano Textiles : USA

Spotless Reputation

New wrinkle- and stain-free fabrics live up to clothiers' claims


We soon might be listening to music emitted by the fabric of our clothing or watching our shirts change color as we heat up. But the hottest thing in fabric for the moment is only a little less remarkable, able to fight off dirt and wrinkles like something out of Superman's closet.

That's the view from Eva Snopek, fashion design instructor at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago.

"There is a lot of new technology out there," she said, citing nanotechnology as the superstar of the day. And our testing backed her up.

Something of a buzzword across many disciplines, nanotechnology in this case refers to a process of treating fabric on a molecular level.

"Because the treatment is built into the fabric on a nano, or submicron, scale during the textile-manufacturing process, the performance features are inherent to the nature of the fabric for the life of the final product,"...read the wave



Nano News : Singapore

They're in the 'nanotech stream'


HANDS up those of you who know what nanotechnology is.

Seven-year-old Midhi Chandras and her classmates already have a pretty good idea - thanks to her school.

Balestier Hill Primary introduced a nanotechnology programme for all its pupils - from Primary 1 to 6 - this year. It is believed to be the first primary school to do so.

The school even set up a $25,000 air-conditioned nano lab - so that the lessons are more 'hands-on'. (See boxed report.)

Nanotechnology is the science of very small objects. (One billion nanoparticles would fit on the head of a pin.)...read the wave



Nano News : China

Surface topography cues affect cell characteristics

Surface topography cues affect cell characteristics.

"Biomaterial surface chemistry and nanoscale topography of biomaterials can significantly influence cell behavior in vitro," researchers in the People's Republic of China report.

B.S. Zhu and colleagues of Shanghai Jiao Tong University explained, "Polystyrene (PS) Petri dishes were subjected to Nd:YAG laser irradiation at 266 nm, which resulted in well-defined three-dimensional (3D) periodic nanoscale surface topographies and surface oxidation. The surface changes were analyzed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), atomic force microscopy (AFM), and a contact-angle goniometer."...read the wave



Nano News : Japan

Merck awards Baba for research in nanotechnology and biotechnology


Merck KgaA is the sponsor of the Heinrich Emanuel Merck Award for the promotion of analytical chemistry research.

Merck KgaA is the sponsor of the Heinrich Emanuel Merck Award for the promotion of analytical chemistry research. Recently, the company announced this year’s award is presented to Professor Yoshinobu Baba, professor of physical chemistry at the University of Tokushima, Japan...read the wave


news 23 - 09 - 2004
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Nano Research : USA



CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Too much heat can destroy a sturdy automobile engine or a miniature microchip. As scientists and engineers strive to make ever-smaller nanoscale devices, from molecular motors and switches to single-molecule transistors, the control of heat is becoming a burning issue.

The shapes of molecules really matter, say scientists from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Scranton who timed the flow of vibrational heat energy through a water-surfactant-organic solvent system. The rate at which heat energy moves through a molecule depends specifically on the molecule's structure, they found...read the wave



Nano Debate : USA

Nanotechnology: Now is the Time to Assess Risks

Companies working with nano-sized materials need to move proactively to define their potential risks and help develop appropriate standards and guidelines.


Companies are using nanotechnology (the manipulation of materials only one-billionth of a meter in size) to develop products ranging from clothing and sunscreen to high-tech computer components and sophisticated medical devices. While the nanotechnology industry is currently a darling of both public and private funding sectors, critics of the technology are urging caution, regulation or even a moratorium on the use of these tiny particles. Companies are now exploring ways to maximize the potential of the technology, while minimizing risks to workers, the environment and their bottom line. A large part of that effort should include exploring strategies to ensure that potential government regulation is firmly grounded in sound science, and is made open and accessible to the public...read the wave



Nano Products : USA

GEMZ Corp. To Exclusively Market Nanotech-Based Safety Houselight Product

Company Will Refocus on Product Marketing
Changes Agreement with Terra Solar Development Corp.


NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-GEMZ Corp. (OTC: GMZP - News) have announced that it will exclusively market a nanotechnology-based illuminated safety house number sign being developed by Terra Solar Development Corp. (TSDC).

Mountable almost anywhere, without wires, the product will be marketed in versions for up to four and up to five numbers, and will be brightly visible day or night. The high efficiency of the nanotechnology-based photovoltaic cell recharges the device for a week on only eight hours of daylight. Unlike existing devices, direct sunlight is not required.

This product meets a widely-felt need. Products of this type have been recommended by police and emergency workers; however existing products have been too expensive and have too short a life to be suitable for mass marketing...read the wave



Nano Research : USA

Scientists Find Nanowires Capable Of Detecting Individual Viruses

Findings could point the way to ultra-powerful new diagnostic tools and bioterror detectors


Cambridge, Mass. - Harvard University scientists have found that ultra-thin silicon wires can be used to electrically detect the presence of single viruses, in real time, with near-perfect selectivity. These nanowire detectors can also differentiate among viruses with great precision, suggesting that the technique could be scaled up to create miniature arrays easily capable of sensing thousands of different viruses.

The work was reported in the most recent issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences....read the wave



Nano Debate :

Huge Preparations for Nano-Sized Cures


SAGE CROSSROADS,- Nanotechnology could change the way we tackle diseases of aging--but not before scientists, policymakers, and the public hash out how to use these new tools responsibly.

When people first learn about the goal of nanotechnology--to precisely manipulate matter at the level of atoms and molecules--most get excited about its potential to revolutionize medicine. We become beguiled by visions of cell-sized sensors monitoring plaques in arteries, tiny “smart” implants pumping insulin when needed, and minuscule machines repairing damaged brain cells. If doctors could intervene at the nanoscale, they might be able to fix the body’s aging systems from the bottom up, without leaving a trace that a patient once suffered from Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, or macular degeneration....read the wave



Nano Products : USA

BP Solar Keeps Thin Film PV Within Reach


Rochester, New York - September 22, 2004 BP Solar may have bowed out of commercial production of thin-film solar, but they haven't given up on it entirely. Scientists at the Rochester Institute of Technology's NanoPower Research Laboratories have received a boost in their search for new solar photovoltaic (PV) power supply solutions. Funding from BP Solar will support their work on thin-film nanotechnology PV research.

BP Solar, one of the solar industry's largest companies, has contracted RIT's NanoPower Research Laboratories to develop plastic solar cells using nanomaterials. Total funding for the three-year program is US$250,000...read the wave.



Nano Biz : USA

MB Tech Comments on Erroneous Press Releases


LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-MB Tech Inc. (OTCBB:MBTT) notes that a press release sent out by Asian Investor Network and others on the web contained false information. MB Tech has been working to defuse the misleading statements as these entities have no direct contact with the company. We have advised authorities of the misrepresentation and initiated complaints with the SEC and other authorities...read the wave



Nano News : EU

Nanoroadmap project to present initial results in Rome


A conference to present the first results of the EU funded Nanoroadmap (NRM) will take place in Rome, Italy, on 4 and 5 November.

NRM began in January 2004 and is funded under the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5). Its objective is to provide coherent scenarios and technology roadmaps for the application of nanotechnology. The roadmaps should help European players, both public and private, to optimise their efforts in three areas in particular: materials; health and medical systems; and energy....read the wave



Nano Biz : UK

DTI money for nano production


Applied Microengineering (AML), an Oxfordshire-based micromachine manufacturing tool firm, has been boosted by the award of a £678,000 DTI grant to support the development of its nano device production tool.

The aim of the grant is to support a project called LOBEL to create an industrial manufacturing platform for nanotechnology devices including sensors. The project is part of the DTI’s Micro & Nano technology (MNT) initiative...read the wave



Nano Meet : USA

National Cancer Institute Symposium
to be Part of NANO Week

Program to Encourage Collaboration between Nanotechnology, Cancer Researchers


CLEVELAND,PRNewswire/ -- The National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will present a symposium on the role of nanotechnology in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer Oct. 27 as part of NANO Week. The program, "Overcoming Barriers to Collaboration," will be held at the InterContinental Hotel and MBNA Conference Center on The Cleveland Clinic Foundation campus. It is free to attend, but space is limited to 200 registrants.

The symposium is designed to raise awareness of nanotechnology and its potential within the cancer research community...read the wave



Nano Biz : USA

NanoBioMagnetics Announces Strategic Partnership with Sono-Tek


MILTON, N.Y.PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sono-Tek Corporation (OTB Bulletin Board: SOTK) the world's leader in ultrasonic spray nozzle technology, have announced that its strategic partner in the field of nanotechnology, NanoBioMagnetics, has formed a new subsidiary to be called ZetaCor, LLC. The new, wholly-owned subsidiary will produce specialized nanoparticles for research and commercial applications.

At the center of ZetaCor's formation is a strategic partnership between NBMI and Sono-Tek of Milton, NY. Early in 2004, NBMI purchased from Sono-Tek one of the first SonoDry ultrasonic spray nozzle systems and is incorporating it into a full lab scale spray drying system...read the wave



Nano News : Australia

Get set for nanotech

Nanotechnologyis being called many things: A massive investment opportunity; an incredibly promising next generation electronics technology, and even a threat to humanity.

For the electronics sector, fabrication of chips with nanoscale (nm) features is becoming routine. Yet while semiconductor manufacturing is dealing in nanometres, it too is still to be affected by true nanotechnology - or more accurately “molecular nanotechnology”.

Molecular nanotechnology (referred to as nanotechnology for the rest of this article) means...read the wave


news 22 - 09 - 2004
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Nano Biz : South Korea

Samsung's Success

Keen Insight and Bold Investment Bear Fruit


Samsung's latest technological achievement is expected to widen its gap with global competitors, now six months or so, to at least one year. It is also significant that the technology can provide new growth momentum for mobile telecommunications, computers, cellular phones and digital music players.

The Korean company now aims at, quite rightly, emerging as a comprehensive semiconductor maker by focusing on mobile and digital consumer applications. ``Our goal is to beat Intel to become the world,s No. 1 player " says CEO Hwang Chang-gyu...read the wave


Nano Defence : UK

Nano-tech company to develop bio-warfare warning system


A UK company has received a £1 million funding package to develop the "best early warning indicator" of biological attack.

Salisbury-based NanoSight has been awarded the cash slew to make a "revolutionary" portable detector containing artificial antibodies created through computer and microelectronics technology.

Current methods of detecting biological agents, whether to give rapid warning of a biological attack, or in the detection of disease before symptoms appear, currently use human and animal cells and involve taking samples to a lab for analysis.

According to the Department for Trade and Industry (DTI), this is a slow, painstaking process that could be streamlined thanks to Nanosight's recent...read the wave



Nano Biz : Germany

Fast and Economical Production of Surface-modified Nano- and Microstructures as well as Improved Drug Delivery International Patents Granted to Capsulution NanoScience AG


Berlin - The specialist developer of innovative solutions for improved drug delivery, Capsulution NanoScience AG, Berlin, has recently been granted two international patents in Europe, the USA, and Japan thereby securing important rights for the development and commercialization of nano- and micro-particular carriers.

Claimed in the first patent, EP 1 305 109 B1, is the fast and efficient modification of hydrophilic nano- and...read the wave



Nano Defence : USA

Raytheon Sponsors Soldier Design Competition at Massachusetts Institute of Technology


WALTHAM, Mass./PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Raytheon will sponsor the second annual Soldier Design Competition hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Institute of Soldier Nanotechnology (ISN). The competition began on Sept. 16, 2003 and invites student teams to compete for $11,000 in prize money by applying their creativity and engineering skills to develop solutions to common problems of the modern soldier. Raytheon will donate $25,000 to the competition and will send two employees to mentor this year's participants.

"ISN's Soldier Design Competition underscores the crucial role that math and science education can play in protecting our troops...read the wave


Nano Products : Malaysia

Malbex 2004 Introduces Protective Glass Coating

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 (Bernama) -- Malaysian International Building Exposition at the Mines Exhibition Centre here introduces KristalBond, a Malaysian-enhanced technology in protective glass coating among other things.

The exhibition, which starts Tuesday, will be held over four days.

KristalBond Group of Companies chief executive officer, Joe Gan said KristalBond which could be applied seamlessly to existing windows of all sizes and shapes at room temperature without removing windows is a liquid protective glass coating that cuts out harmful sunrays but allows high level of light transmission.

"Among the benefits of the protective glass coating include saving energy by reducing air-conditioner's loading, reducing fading of furnishings caused by ultraviolet energy - it does not burn nor exude toxic fumes - and it has high visible light transmission level to allow supreme day and night clarity,"...read the wave


Future Technology : USA

Water-Strider Article
Robot Walks on Water

After four months of work, Carnegie Mellon graduate student Steve Suhr and assistant professor Dr. Metin Sitti have created a water-strider robot that can walk on water.

The journey began when Dr. Sitti, head of the NanoRobotics Lab, asked the students of his interdisciplinary Micro/Nano-Robotics class to think outside the box: “try to understand a water strider: how it really stays on water, and swims on water, and design your own robot,” he challenged.

The course’s first homework assignment had been part of Dr. Sitti’s curriculum for three years, including one teaching at University of California at Berkeley before he arrived in Pittsburgh...read the wave



Just Great News......

Hitchhiker's Guide back on the air

A third series of sci-fi comedy The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy begins on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday, 26 years after the original show was first broadcast.

All the surviving cast members reprise their roles in the six-part adaptation of Douglas Adams' third Hitchhiker book, entitled Life, the Universe and Everything.

So Long and Thanks For All the Fish, the fourth instalment, and the fifth novel Mostly Harmless will be dramatised in a second, eight-part series, to be broadcast in May 2005.

For Adams' legion of fans, however, it is the late author's own contribution that will be most eagerly awaited...read the wave


Tools of the Trade : USA - Global

Freedonia Group: Nanotech Tools Demand to Reach $2.7 Billion in 2013


CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)---The US market for nanotech tools is projected to increase nearly 30 percent per year through 2008 to $900 million, and then triple again to $2.7 billion in 2013. Nanotech tools represent a key segment of the emerging nanotechnology business, allowing for the visualization, measurement, manipulation, fabrication, production, simulation and testing of matter in the nanoscale range -- approximately 0.1-100 nanometers. Such tools are indispensable to the large-scale commercial realization of nanotechnology...read the wave



Quantum Computing : Australia

Researcher makes quantum leap into new technology


A new University of Queensland research project could lead to improved internal computer network security at banks and financial institutions.

Dr Andrew White of UQ’s School of Physical Sciences said quantum cryptography was of great interest to financial institutions because it could provide a commercial advantage. “This research aims to realise the fundamental unit of quantum information, the multi-level quantum system or qudit,” he said. “To date, most scientific experiments have realised only their simplest two-level incarnation, the qubit or quantum bit.

“In principle, qudits can offer significant advantages, such as increased channel capacity in quantum communication, and increased speed and/or security in quantum cryptography...read the wave


Tools of the Trade : USA

Leading HDD Manufacturer Adopts Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP(R)) Microscope to Access Critical Atomic-Scale Information


MADISON, Wis./PRNewswire/ -- One of the world's most innovative
hard drive makers, Seagate Technology, has adopted Imago's LEAP Microscope to meet unique manufacturing challenges.

Pat Ryan, Seagate's Executive Director, stated, "Seagate has long
recognized the need for new microscopy techniques to further the advancement of our technologies and continue our leadership role." Ryan added, "Imago's LEAP is a powerful addition to our arsenal as it represents a uniquely capable and analytical tool for the development of advanced thin film magnetic heads and media."...read the wave



Nano Research : Japan

Beryllium-7 decay rate speeds up inside carbon-60 molecule


The decay lifetime of radioactive beryllium-7 changes by almost 1 percent when placed inside a carbon-60 molecule, much more than in other attempts so far, Japanese researchers have found.

It has been known for some 50 years that the half-life of beryllium-7 shifts at about 0.1 percent under chemically induced modifications. The latest experiment result is believed to be the largest shift yet seen, according to a research team led by Tohoku University professor Tsutomu Otsuki.

However, putting the findings into practical use, such as to solve problems of radioactive material storage...read the wave



Nano Event : Iran

Conference: The Second International Conference on Nanotechnology in Petroleum Industry

Date: 11-13 October, 2004
Venue : IRIB Conferences Hall, Tehran, Iran.


The second conference & workshop on nanotechnology in petroleum industry will promote international knowledge–sharing and co-operation in the field of nanotechnology and its application in upstream and downstream petroleum industry.

Scope of the conference & workshop

The second conference & workshop on nanotechnology in petroleum industry will promote international knowledge- sharing and cooperation in the field of nanotechnology and it’s application in upstream and downstream petroleum industry.It is our hope that the conference & workshop will pave the way for futher scientific collaboration on various fields of nanotechnology industry...read the wave



Nano News : India

CSIO develops software to store secrets


Chandigarh, In a major achievement in the field of nanotechnology, Chandigarh-based Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIO) has developed a DNA-based encryption which will prove invaluable in the field of defence, spying and related matters.

This was announced by Director of the CSIO, Dr R.P. Bajpai, in a talk with TNS here today. “We have already applied for an international patent in this regard”. Any piece of information, photographs, maps can be encrypted and hidden in a DNA sequence which renders it undetectable by unauthorised personnel...read the wave



Nano Electronics : USA

Race is on to build a smaller, more powerful computer chip


At IBM's Almaden Research Center in San Jose, Calif., Stuart Parkin is tinkering with the future of chip making.

At the center of his lab is a machine that looks like a heap of stainless steel with wires going every which way.

But in fact, it's a high-vacuum apparatus that can make chips using any number of different chemical materials.

The $5 million tool, which Parkin designed from scratch, is central to his effort to build new kinds of chips that are more powerful, yet use little power and don't overheat....read the wave

news 21 - 09 - 2004
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Nano Products : Australia

Let the light shine through

Fogged up glasses, windscreens and bathroom mirrors may be a thing of the past.


Researchers have invented a new, permanent, multi-purpose coating technology that will prevent your spectacles, car windscreen or bathroom mirror fogging up ever again.

The coating, called XeroCoat, also cuts out unwanted reflections from glass, letting more light through. Making it ideal for spectacles and improving the performance of solar cells and glasshouses.

University of Queensland physicists Michael Harvey and Paul Meredith developed this technology based upon thin films of nano-porous silica; this means that “the coating is a layer of glass full of tiny invisible bubbles, just like the foam on beer,” said Mr Harvey. “Because it's made of glass it's as hard as glass,” he said, giving the added benefit of a hard coating on items to prevent or reduce scratching. ...read the wave


Nano Research : USA

Tiny Bacteria Give Boost to Marine Life

Nano-sized phytoplankton convert gaseous nitrogen into a form useful for other living things.


Small, single-celled microbes play a significant role in the natural fertilization of the upper ocean, according to new research by a USC biological oceanographer.

Writing in a recent issue of the journal Nature, Douglas G. Capone of the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and colleagues report that a group of single-celled bacteria convert gaseous nitrogen into a form useful for other living things at a rate many times higher than shown in earlier studies.

The team also found that these diminutive bacteria and photosynthetic cyanobacteria, which measure less than 10 microns across, are more widely distributed and abundant than scientists had thought.

The nano-sized phytoplankton thrive in...read the wave

Nano Research : USA

Next generation solar cells may someday power NASA's robotic explorers

RIT to play role in NASA's Human and Robotic Technology program


The success of the Mars Exploration Rovers is a sign of things to come in the realm of space exploration. Robotic technology will play an increasingly important part in NASA's new Exploration Systems Mission Directorate-one of the biggest initiatives since the Apollo Program.

The four-year project, led by Sheila Bailey of the NASA Glenn Research Center, is focused on the use of nanotechnology and nanomaterials like quantum dots-or granules of semiconductor material-to develop the next generation of space solar cells...read the wave



Nano Medicine : USA

Competitive Technologies Signs Agreement for Dental Use of Nanotechnology Bone Biomaterial


FAIRFIELD, Conn., /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Competitive Technologies, Inc. (AMEX:CTT) have announced that it has granted an exclusive option to research the manufacture and use of CTT's nanotechnology bone biomaterial for dental applications to a major, diverse dental products company. CTT has an exclusive agreement with the University of South Carolina Research Foundation (USCRF) to license and commercialize this nanotechnology. The technology, an injectible calcium phosphate-based biomaterial, is from the work of Dr. Brian Genge, a research professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of South Carolina.

"The agreement to develop products using USCRF's innovative nanoparticle biomaterial technology in the dental products market is an example of...read the wave


Nano Plastics : USA

Nanotechnology may give plastic solar cells a boost

RIT researches new power supply solutions for BP Solar


Scientists at Rochester Institute of Technology's NanoPower Research Laboratories have received a boost in their search for new power supply solutions. Funding from BP Solar will support their work using nanotechnology.

BP Solar, a leading manufacturer of solar-electric products, has contracted RIT's NanoPower Research Laboratories to develop plastic solar cells using nanomaterials. Total funding for the three-year program is $250,000.

Until now, lightweight plastic solar cells have remained elusive. During the last decade, scientists struggled to substitute polymers for the expensive, but effective crystalline materials such as silicon, a traditional solar cell material. These attempts produced...read the wave


Nano Funding : USA

Teeny weeny technology

University charges into nanotech craze, asks state for millions

University administrators carefully watch physics professor Michael Fuhrer's experiments, even though they technically cannot see them.

Fuhrer and other university researchers are developing nanotechnology, a science research phenomenon that creates useful machines that are one-billionth of a meter in size. The University System of Maryland plans to seek $24 million from the state this year to further nanotechnology research and attract scientists to the area with new facilities, said system Chancellor Brit Kirwan.

The plan calls for $8 million a year from the state from fiscal years 2006 to 2008, coupled with $100 million in federal and private funding…read the wave


Nano Defence : USA

RIT's NanoPower lab wins $1.2 million
to build tiny power supplies for military

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funds three-year project


Scientists at Rochester Institute of Technology's NanoPower Research Laboratories (NPRL) won $1.2 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), part of the U.S. Department of Defense, to develop tiny power supplies for military use.

This three-year project will improve the efficiency of alpha voltaic batteries to operate miniature military devices with sensing and communication abilities. A team of RIT researchers, led by Ryne Raffaelle, professor of physics and microsystems engineering and director of the NPRL, will work in collaboration with scientists at the NASA Glenn Research Center.

Alpha voltaic batteries use a...read the wave


Nano News : India

Students to get taste of NCL technologies


PUNE: From chemistry in day-to-day life, biotechnology, polymers, to nano-technology, students in several science colleges in the city will get a feast of new advances in science and technology from none other than senior scientists working at the national chemical laboratory.

While the government of India has already declared 2004 as a scientific awareness year, in the city, NCL, in association with the Pune chapter of the chemical research society of India (CRSI) will hold a series of lectures in at least eight science colleges for two consecutive days, starting September 24, as part of the CSIR (council for scientific and industrial research) foundation day celebrations...read the wave



Nano Electronics : South Korea

Samsung Ushers in 60 Nano Semiconductor Age


SEOUL, Korea – September 20, 2004: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the leader in advanced semiconductor technology, announced today that it has developed the industry's first 60-nanometer (nm) 8-Gigabit (Gb) NAND Flash memory device for data storage medium such as low density mobile hard disks for mobile appliances.

"NAND flash technology development continues to double density growth on an average of every 12 months," said Dr. Chang Gyu Hwang, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics' Semiconductor business. Verifying the New Memory Growth Model he first presented at the ISSCC's 2001conference, Dr. Hwang said the industry has seen densities grow from...read the wave



Nano Biz : USA

Arrowhead Research Subsidiary, Nanotechnica, Inc., Obtains Exclusive Rights to Over 80 New Patents and Patent Applications From Caltech


PASADENA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Arrowhead Research Corporation (Nasdaq:ARWR) (Nasdaq:ARWRW) have announced that the California Institute of Technology ("Caltech") has granted exclusive rights to over 80 new U.S. and international patents and patent applications covering microfluidics and micromachines technology to Nanotechnica, Inc., a subsidiary of Arrowhead Research. R. Bruce Stewart, President of Arrowhead Research, remarked, "This new technology further strengthens the growing portfolio of patent rights held by Arrowhead and its subsidiaries, which includes exclusive rights to over 180 U.S. and international patents and patent applications in the nanotechnology space." ...read the wave


Nano Medicine : Australia

Quick Read on Your Genetics


TAGCTAAGTCGGATT … the readout tells the story of your genetic makeup, and it will soon tell you what genes you carry, what mutations there are and whether you should be worried. Right now, you’re worried.

Each letter represents one of the genetic bases -– adenine (A), thymine (T) cytosine (C) and guanine (G). Add the letters together and, eventually, you get the story of your genetic life. You can’t skip to the last chapter to find out how it ends, but this test will give you a peek at some of the characters -- the genes -- that may play a role.

You entered the office of your family doctor just an hour ago and, as you wait for the scan to complete, you wonder if the genetic test was a good idea. There are some things, perhaps, you would rather not know....read the wave



Nano News : India - Taiwan

Silent push to Taiwan ties


While endorsing a one-China policy, New Delhi has been quietly promoting scientific and economic cooperation with Taiwan, a country with which it hasn't ever had relations beyond the trade and cultural offices in both capitals.

But over the last six months, including the twilight phase of the NDA regime, a hush-hush policy has been pursued to foster bilateral contact with Taiwan. In fact, two senior secretaries of the Indian government have travelled to Taiwan in recent months for detailed discussions on future cooperation...read the wave