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Since our launch in September 2003, visitors may have seen that we are committed to regularly updating the site.

We pride ourselves on " informing Joe & Mary Public " by publishing as wide a view of nanotechnology as possible, it is our aim to inform more than to instruct.

Our vision is to be a " NanoTech Soapbox " i.e. allowing any party, be they for or against nanotechnology to freely state their news & views.

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Unlike many of the other NanoTech News websites, newsletters, and research advisory firms who charge by an expensive subscription model or rely on intrusive advertising, Nano Tsunami is only made possible through your voluntary donations.

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About Nano Tsunami Dot Com
( an idea from Stichting van Es & Voyle Publishing ).

Stichting van Es & Voyle Publishing.( and its website Nano Tsunami ) is a Dutch registered Independent Non Profit Foundation, dedicated to advancing the public debate on Nanotechnology.

Nano Tsunami
C/o Stichting van Es & Voyle Publishing.
Postbus 57,

email : nanotech(at)voyle.net ( just replace the at with @ )

Foundation ( Stichting KvK )
Registration number 41160188
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