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Sham spin in nanotube acts as real spin - New insight
for quantum computing


Schematic set-up of the experiment: a nanotube between two electrodes, in order to feed electrons into the nanotube.

At the Technical University of Delft, researchers created electrons with an artifical spin. Yet, this spin acts as a real quantum spin. This finding is of importance for the development of quantum computers and quantum information processing.

At the Kavli Institute of the Technical University of Delft, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero and colleagues had electrons spiral their way up -or down- around carbon nanotubes. The spiral movement causes the electron to spin around, according to the principles of classical mechanics. This gives them an angular momentum.

When electrons are properly located in an atom (instead of running around a nanotube), they also have spin, always. This spin is quantised, has only a fixed magnitude and only two directions: up or down. At very low temperatures, spin results in a phenomenon called the Kondo-effect.

At the Kavli Institute, the researchers found that the "sham spins" of their spiralling electrons could show the Kondo-effect too. This weird but intrigueing result gives valuable knowledge that can be of use for the development of computers of the future. In quantum computers, the binary valued spins form the bits, quantum bits.

The researchers will publish their results in Nature of 24 March 2005.

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The Kondo-effect of spiralling electrons. The red resonance peak is split into eight resonances: four for the real spin and four for the \"sham\" spin.

The supplied electrons make a left-hand or right-hand movement around the nanotube.

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